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New Adventures in Sound Art

New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) is a non-profit organization, formerly based in Toronto but now in South River ON, that presents performances and installations spanning the entire spectrum of electroacoustic and experimental sound art. NAISA’s annual events include: the Deep Wireless Festival of Radio & Transmission Art in January/February, the NAISA Sound Bash Series in March, the Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art in July/August, and the SOUNDplay Festival in October/November. The objectives of NAISA are to foster awareness and understanding locally, as well as nationally and internationally, in the cultural vitality of experimental sound art in its myriad forms of expression. This objective will be achieved through the exploration of new sound technologies in conjunction with the creation of cultural events and artifacts.

In June 2017, NAISA staff and board of directors are pleased to announce the grand opening of the NAISA North Media Arts Centre at 106 Ottawa Ave, South River, Ontario. Located in the centre of the village of South River, a short distance from Algonquin Park, at the building formerly known as Renée’s Café and Bean There Café, NAISA staff and board of directors are excited at the possibilities available. As well as a large exhibition space, NAISA North also includes a small café, a community gallery and workshop space, as well as a space suitable for media art production/creation. NAISA North’s café includes fresh baked goodies by local baker Linda Thomson and serves exclusively Muskoka coffee by Muskoka Roastery Coffee Company.

Upcoming Events

17th annual DEEP WIRELESS Festival of Radio & Transmission Art
January 17 - April 16, 2018
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 106 Ottawa Ave, South River, Canada.
New Adventures in Sound Art is pleased to launch the 17th edition of the Deep Wireless Festival of Radio & Transmission Art. Deep Wireless 2018 opens with Art’s Birthday celebration activities on January 17th and continues with performances, special radio broadcasts, workshops and interactive installations.

"The Deep Wireless festival has been celebrating the art of the aural imagination since 2002 with annual performances, broadcasts, workshops and many special events. This year's theme is Sonic Reflections. Reflections of South River that are broadcast out into the world and reflections of the world resonating in our memories and imagination" — Darren Copeland, NAISA Artistic Director

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To purchase advance tickets for ticketed events, go to https://naisa.ca/purchase-tickets/
Art's Birthday
3 Day Celebration
January 17, 19 and 20, 2018
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 106 Ottawa Ave, South River, Canada.
Art’s Birthday celebrates the creative potential latent in all of us. The idea was first proposed in 1963 by French artist Robert Filliou to celebrate the presence of art in our lives. It has since been celebrated on or near January 17th every year by artists and arts organizations around the world.

On January 17th come to the NAISA North Media Arts Centre to listen to Art's Birthday celebrations taking place around the world and witness a live performance by special guest artist Martin Marier from Montreal. Marier will perform using his specially designed Sponge.

On Friday January 19th Marier will give a short artist talk and performance as part of the Arts Meetup series. Marier will perform some of his subtle and evocative works using the Sponge, a digital music instrument made from a piece of foam that is equipped with sensors (accelerometers and force sensing resistors) which can detect when it is squeezed, twisted or shaken.

The three day celebration culminates on Saturday January 20th with a day long drop in with many fun and exciting art-making activities, including performing with the Sponge, making an Art’s Birthday hat, painting, and more. All of the activities are free and suitable for all ages, and yes there will be cake!

Happy 1,000,055th birthday, Art!

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