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New Adventures in Sound Art

New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) is a non-profit organization, based in Toronto, that presents performances and installations spanning the entire spectrum of electroacoustic and experimental sound art. NAISA’s annual events include: the Deep Wireless Festival of Radio & Transmission Art in May, the Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art in August, NAISA’s participation in the international Art’s Birthday celebration in January, as well as the NAISA Sound Bash Series in March and the SOUNDplay series in November. The objectives of NAISA are to foster awareness and understanding locally, as well as nationally and internationally, in the cultural vitality of experimental sound art in its myriad forms of expression. This objective will be achieved through the exploration of new sound technologies in conjunction with the creation of cultural events and artifacts.

Upcoming Events

15th annual DEEP WIRELESS Festival of Radio & Transmission Art
presented by New Adventures in Sound Art
various venues in Toronto and North Bay
Jan 9 - Feb 15, 2016


A month-long celebration of radio and transmission art including performances, installations, radio broadcasts, and soundhacking workshops.

“As the convention of radio is questioned and no longer confined to the radio dial, Deep Wireless artists ask, what is the nature of transmission? For this 15th edition, we have moved Deep Wireless to January/February to combine our annual celebration of Art - the international Art’s Birthday celebration - with a celebration of radio and transmission art as we once again bring together artists to respond to this question within the context of a time when old conventions and technologies are dissolving into multiple streams of creative possibilities."— Darren Copeland, NAISA Artistic Director.
Fishing for Sounds
workshop exploring the sounds of Lake Nipissing
February 13, 2016 to February 14, 2016
@ White Water Gallery, 122 Main St E, North Bay
For more information, go to: http://whitewatergallery.com/programming/workshops/fishing-for-sounds

‘Fishing for Sounds’ is a community sound and radio workshop that explores the sounds of Lake Nipissing in winter. These sounds will include the sounds of the ice, the snow, the sounds around the ice shacks and the sound of the water under the ice.

Participants will build micro-radio transmitters and contact mics with Toronto media artist Rob Cruickshank. They will also record sounds with contact mics, portable flash recorders as well as with a hydrophone under the ice in Lake Nipissing with sound artist Darren Copeland, then edit the sounds to create an underwater radio soundscape in White Water Gallery in North Bay.
Soundhackers #21 - Little Bits of Sound Art
February 23, 2016, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
@ Bento Miso, 862 Richmond Street West, Suite 100, Toronto, ON

Soundhackers is a free monthly meetup co-presented by NAISA and organized by Elliott Fienberg, dedicated to exploring techniques in sound art and music technology. Special guests for January’s Soundhacker’s Meetup are Janet Rogers, Angela Shackel and Darren Copeland. To join Soundhackers visit http://www.meetup.com/soundhackers/

Our presenters this month:

Renaud Bédard is a programmer and synth tinkerer who is currently working at Capybara Games in Toronto. He fell in love with the Korg/littleBits synth modules about two years ago and has been jamming with them ever since, ultimately composing the soundtrack for the iOS and Android title "Magic Shot"


Izzie Colpitts-Campbell is a software and electronic artist whose work includes, wearable electronics, physical computing, as well as, game design and programming. Originally from Halifax NS after completing two and half years at NSCAD University she moved to Toronto and now holds a BFA in Integrated Media with a minor in Wearable Technology.


Miller Peterson is a local software engineer working in the realm of big data, applied statistics, computer music, and generative art. Miller will be showcasing an exciting project involving genetic programming and sound generation with ClojureScript.

Deep Wireless 12 Online Compilation
Launching February 1, 2016 and ongoing.

NAISA celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Deep Wireless Festival of Radio and Transmission Art with a special edition of the Deep Wireless 12 Online Radio Art Compilation on soundcloud featuring a historical overview of past Deep Wireless performances and radio art works.