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NAISA hosts a number of workshops that are for youth as well as others that are for the general public. Upcoming workshops are posted below.

TransX Transmission Art Symposium
May 23 & 24 @ the Wychwood Theatre, #176
part of TransX Symposium Registration - https://naisa.ca/trans-x-registration/

On the final day (May 24) from 10am - 4pm will be a full day of soundhacking workshops including Experimental Electromagneticks by Peter Flemming (creating an improvised loudspeaker along with a found-object resonators); Magnetic Signals and Radiophonic Soundscapes: VLF Workshop with Dan Tapper, Micro-Radio Transmitter workshop with Michael Postma and Radio Hacking with Mobile Radio (hacking portable transistor radios to uncover their possibilities as musical instruments). Symposium registration also gets you into the two evening performances.

Magnetic Signals and Radiophonic Soundscapes: VLF Workshop by Dan Tapper

This workshop focuses on building a large loop Very Low Frequency (VLF) receiver. This receiver acts as an inductor converting electromagnetic signals into audio and revealing a rich sonic environment of electromagnetic sound produced by everything from electrical appliances to the earth\'s ionosphere.
As a group we will build a large loop VLF receiver. This involves winding the loop (wire around a frame) and soldering the outputs to an audio jack. Once the loop is complete we will have a collective listening session exploring the electromagnetic sounds of NAISA HQ and possibly the outside environment depending on time.

Before and during the build I will touch on subjects explaining what an inductor is and how it allows us to listen to the electromagnetic spectrum, how VLF is used by the scientific community, how myself and other artists explore VLF in our creative practices and take a brief overlook of sounds we might expect to hear from different sources. The workshop builds upon a previous workshop I taught at NAISA for the Soundhackers Meetup group. It also uses my 2013 publication VLF: A Sound Artist\'s Guide to help detail and explain the VLF spectrum. This will be made available to all participants.
VLF: A Sound Artist\’s Guide: http://issuu.com/dantappersoundart/docs/vlf_a_sound_artist_s_guide

Experimental Electromagneticks by Peter Plemming

In this workshop, you will wind an electromagnetic coil with magnet wire, to be used as part of of an improvised loudspeaker along with a found-object resonator that you bring in. We will start with a short presentation on the connection between electricity and magnetism, including a practical demonstration with a makeshift electromagnetic pendulum and micro-ampere generator. The rest of the workshop is devoted to experimentation. Possible resonators: plastic containers, buckets, drums, cans, glass. Does it sound good when you tap your finger on it or speak into it? Bring it in! Bring many things, as not everything will work, hence the experimentation.

Radio Hacking with Mobile Radio (Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington)

The radio has a history as a musical instrument spanning the decades since John Cage discovered its unpredictable noises as a source for chance operations. In this workshop we will look at the insides of portable transistor radios and find out if we can further develop the possibilities of the radio as a musical instrument. Instead of thinking of it as a passive machine for receiving radio programmes we will use very simple techniques to change the electronic circuits of the radio into a fascinating noise making instrument.

(Each participant should have a working, battery powered, portable transistor radio (older models are preferable, tuning dial is essential) that can be taken apart and modified.)

Micro-Radio Transmitter workshop with Michael Postma

This workshop will allow you to experience what radio transmission is like on a minimum level. This can also be developed into radio art and micro radio. The transmitter that the participant will make has only a very small radius of transmission.
NAISA Sound Art Drop In for children 4-12
Open house June 13
June 27 - Aug 2, 2015, Saturdays and Sundays only, 10am-3pm
@ the NAISA Space, 601 Christie St #252
Admission by donation

Join us on Saturdays and Sundays from June 27 to August 2 at the NAISA Space where children big and small can become sound art performers and active listeners both through learning how to craft and shape a performance on the exciting NAISA Sound Bash Installation, and through learning how to better understand our everyday sound environments through listening exercises. Join us on Saturday June 13th for an Open House at NAISA to have your children test the programme out for themselves.

From June 27 to August 2, 2015 NAISA’s installation space will include a mini version of the NAISA Sound Bash which will include a selection of everyday objects especially selected for the interesting sounds they make when struck or played, offering you a chance to play with sound and manipulate it live. Using the NAISA Sound Bash Installation and other recycled objects, NAISA has developed a set of workshops that will engage children with sound and performance in a way that will allow them to express their creative voice with accessible materials. Children will learn creative strategies to perform full-scale pieces on the Sound Bash, including thoughtful improvisation, cueing and performer communication, call and response, and discovering and playing with the vast sonic possibilities that are inherent in everyday objects. Children will learn to manipulate sound live and discover the exciting electronic effects that are part of the Sound Bash, including contact microphones with reverb, delay, and pitch shifting. Children will also hear and experience sound art performances based on a story or using a soundscape, such as a the intensive build and decay of a thunderstorm.

*Based on workshops developed specifically for students age 4 to 12.
NAISA Youth Summer Camp
July 20 - 24, 2015, Mon - Fri 10am-3pm
@ the NAISA Space, 601 Christie St #252
General $75

Pre-registration required - go to http://naisa.ca/education/youth/
For more information go to https://naisa.ca/education/register/
Scholarships available (see below for details)

This sound art camp is for youth aged 12-17 to create art entirely with sound, radio, electronics, and/or performance through exploration according to their own individual interest - through building a NAISAtron (a unique light-responsive mini synthesizer), a micro-transmitter, and working with basic recording and editing software. Art completed during the workshop will be featured on NAISA’s 24/7 web radio. A great introduction for youth who wish to be involved with recording technology, electronic music composition, electronics assembly, or even soldering. All equipment will be provided by NAISA and no experience is necessary. Note: A limited number of scholarships are available. Please contact Nadene at naisa@naisa.ca for more information or to find out about scholarships. Limited spots available. Registration required.