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NAISA hosts a number of workshops that are for youth as well as others that are for the general public. Upcoming workshops are posted below.

NAISA Sound Art Drop In for children 4-12
Open house June 13
June 27 - Aug 2, 2015, Saturdays and Sundays only, 10am-3pm
@ the NAISA Space, 601 Christie St #252
Admission by donation

Join us on Saturdays and Sundays from June 27 to August 2 at the NAISA Space where children big and small can become sound art performers and active listeners both through learning how to craft and shape a performance on the exciting NAISA Sound Bash Installation, and through learning how to better understand our everyday sound environments through listening exercises. Come to the NAISA Space on Saturday June 13th for an Open House and let your children test the programme out for themselves.

From June 27 to August 2, 2015 NAISA’s installation space will include a mini version of the NAISA Sound Bash which will include a selection of everyday objects especially selected for the interesting sounds they make when struck or played, offering you a chance to play with sound and manipulate it live. Using the NAISA Sound Bash Installation and other recycled objects, NAISA has developed a set of workshops that will engage children with sound and performance in a way that will allow them to express their creative voice with accessible materials. Children will learn creative strategies to perform full-scale pieces on the Sound Bash, including thoughtful improvisation, cueing and performer communication, call and response, and discovering and playing with the vast sonic possibilities that are inherent in everyday objects. Children will learn to manipulate sound live and discover the exciting electronic effects that are part of the Sound Bash, including contact microphones with reverb, delay, and pitch shifting. Children will also hear and experience sound art performances based on a story or using a soundscape, such as a the intensive build and decay of a thunderstorm.