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Christine Charette performs at NAISA North Grand Opening
June 3, 2017, 8:00 pm
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 106 Ottawa Ave, South River, ON
General $10, Purchase Advance Tickets here

Recently, Christine Charette installed the interactive "Sound Bash" for NAISA Northern Media Arts Centre. For its grand opening celebration on June 3rd, Charette will perform in interacting with the installation, inventing layered sounds from her life as a seamstress and textile artist. The metaphor of women healing the environment through "mending" is a strong theme in Charette's work. Mending can mean a variety of things, from sewing, to herbal teas, to riding a bicycle. All of these are ecological steps towards healing...mending. Sewing finds many new meanings in Charette's art, especially when she focuses on its mechanical sounds. Charette will be rigging up her sewing machine collection into a symphony of sounds, along with scissors and fabric, that will all find a new voice with the objects within the installation space.

Christine Charette is a multi-disciplinary artist who's creative explorations address themes such as the environment, the mechanical, the domestic, and the object. Since 1990 she has been creating Sound Art with found objects and electronics. Her soundscapes have consisted of recordings from both the city and the country, radio interviews and news clips, old film sound-bites, and sampled object-sound recordings. Metaphors of women's work and mending nature, weave their way into Charette's performances and recordings. Charette has her Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours degree, her B.Ed., is a mother of two, and has taught with the Royal Conservatory, Learning Through the Arts program in both Visual Art and Music.

Jordan Wyshniowsky and Rob Joanisse perform at NAISA North
June 10, 2017, 8:00 pm
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 106 Ottawa Ave, South River, ON
General $10, Purchase Advance Tickets here

Jordan Wyshniowsky and Rob Joanisse will bring their wealth of talent and experience to NAISA as they perform together using both their own instruments and the found objects in the NAISA Sound Bash. Melody meets rhythm in meditative and imaginative ways as cello and percussion interact to create music that has an ebb and flow punctuated by moments of ecstatic response.—Jordan Wyshniowsky

Jordan Wyshniowsky is principal cellist with the North Bay Symphony and is a strings instructor with the Symphony String School. He has studied with former Sudbury Symphony and North Bay Symphony conductor, Metro Kozak, and with National Arts Centre Orchestra cellists Amanda Forsyth and Margaret Munro Tobolowska. He is active in performing and recording music in the North Bay area. Recent projects have included performing with the Almaguin Strings and Hidden Roots Collective. He has recently released a recording of instrumentals called 'Jordan Music', featuring cello, guitar, and keyboards.

Drummer Rob Joanisse studied jazz drumming at Humber College with Don Vickery and Paul DeLong in Toronto, and in 1992 moved to Montreal where he played professionally with Royal Jelly, Pots and Pans, Richard Seguin, and Bran Van 3000. In 1998 Bran Van 3000 won a Juno Award for Best Alternative Album. The band performed at the Much Music Awards and later appeared on the Conan O'Brian show in New York City, after which the New York Times hailed Rob as a 'fine drummer'. Rob has also played on several albums and currently lives and performs in the North Bay area.