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Silo Solos (part of in/future)
By Wendalyn Bartley, Anne Bourne and and Lisa Conway
September 19, 2016 to September 25, 2016
tickets for in/future http://www.infuture.ca/register
Ontario Place, West Island
NAISA is proud to be part of in/future at Ontario Place. On this occasion NAISA will be launching its SOUNDplay series with Silo Solos, which is a site-specific sound installation for one of the silos on the West Island of Ontario Place. The installation will feature multi-channel sound art pieces by Wendalyn Bartley, Anne Bourne, and Lisa Conway that respond to the acoustics of the silo. in/future is a multidisciplinary arts and music festival presented by Art Spin in partnership with Small World Music.

I. Whose Place? by Wendalyn Bartley
The lyrics of the original Ontario Place theme song stated: “This is your place; This is our place”, and yet it was eventually abandoned, leaving behind lost dreams and treasured memories. Using excerpts from the theme song, present and past soundscapes of the Ontario Place environment and an improvised vocalization recorded in the Snow Silo, the composition reflects upon the reality of changing public values and visions, questioning the power systems behind decisions made about public spaces.
II. Grain by Lisa Conway
Inspired by Ontario Place's Ontario North Now exhibit and rural Ontario, Lisa Conway decided to experiment with grain, using it solely as her source material. The sound of various seeds are distorted and fractured into electroacoustic gestures, through granular synthesis, multi-channel spatialization, and other digital manipulations.
III. Water Protectors by Anne Bourne
Anne Bourne recorded a multi-track piece for cello and voice. Her response to Ontario Place brought back memories of performing with Jane Sibbery in the Ontario Place Forum. In her piece she quotes the words from one of Sibery's songs.

High tide
I tire
who rests
in a state of war
there listen
listening to high entire you
entirely you
Navigating Wellness
co-presented by NAISA and Workman Arts as part of Nuit Blanche
By James Buffin, Carrol Louie, Sarafin, Jan Swinburne, Lisa Walter and and Kerry Westall
October 1, 2016, 7:00 pm to 7:00 am
Center for Addiction and Mental Health, 1001 Queen Street West
Workman Arts and NAISA present a site-specific sound installation created by artists with lived experience of recovery and wellness. Toronto Nuit Blanche Visitors will experience a contemplative auditory environment composed from sound art pieces created by artists of Workman Arts. This piece provides a calm and peaceful sound environment amidst the bustle and chaos of late night revelry. Navigating Wellness will be installed outdoors on the grounds of CAMH behind the Workman Arts Pop-Up Gallery at Queen Street West and Gordon Bell Road. For information on the Nuit Blanche site go to https://nbto.com/project.html?project_id=170
Sitting Under a Highway
Co-presented with Electric Perfume
By Hector Centeno
November 19, 2016 to November 26, 2016
Nov 19-20 and 22-26, 1 to 5 pm
Electric Perfume, 805 Danforth Ave, Toronto - http://electricperfume.com/
Sitting under a highway is part of a research-creation project and is presented as an interactive audiovisual virtual and presential space. Visitors will experience photo-realistic 3D visuals and spatial audio that are the product of an artistic practice centered on the attentive aesthetic exploration of a physical place. The VR space that the user inhabits is activated through the combined measurement of concentration and relaxation via an EEG reader. A hand tracker allows the user to also physically interact in space. Through mindfulness we engage with the environment, in the hope that art created with such processes can contribute to a better understanding of the disconnect that exists between post-modern society and our inhabited places. Awarded Best Creative Work, Best Thesis Document and Outstanding Thesis Research, Digital Futures Graduate Program, OCAD University. Read more about this work at http://sitting.hcenteno.net/