TRANS X TRANSMISSION ART SYMPOSIUM - Workshops and Breakout Sessions

Trans X Breakout Workshops
Saturday May 26th 3:45 & May 27th at 4:15

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Break-Out Workshops

1/ Micro-Radio Transmitter workshop
with Hector Centeno

This workshop will let you experience what radio transmission is like and how it could be developed into radio art and micro radio. The transmitter that the participant will make has only a 30-meter radius of transmission, but people would experience a convivial wireless imagination.

2/ Contact Mic Workshop
with Kristen Roos

Build your own contact mic and then explore the local sound environment. Inaudible sounds made audible, explore the interior sounds of street furniture, fences and sign-posts.

3/ Sound in the Digital Realm : Transmission Transitions
with Victoria Fenner

New technologies are creating new possibilities for sound and radio artists to explore. Many are moving over to digital platforms such as the internet, smart phones, ipads and tablets. And even the old-fashioned radio transmitter is being used in new ways. This workshop is an exploration of some of these new possibilities, and the specific compositional challenges of creating for this new environment.

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