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By DisPersion Lab, Doug Van Nort, Thomas Gerwin and Sarah Weaver
February 16, 2017, 1:00 pm
DisPerSion Lab, Room 334, Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts, York University, Toronto
Ever wish you could conduct an electroacoustic ensemble in a foreign city from the comfort of your home? With the wonderful studio lab and performers available at DisPersion Lab, NAISA is extending such an opportunity to guest artists Thomas Gerwin in Berlin and Sarah Weaver in New York. They will conduct structured improvisations by the DisPerSion Lab ensemble.  The ensemble will also perform a work by two of its members - Glen Hall and Doug Van Nort.

DisPersion Lab Founded in 2015 by Doug Van Nort, the DIStributed PERformance and Sensorial immersION Lab, located at York University, is dedicated to research-creation projects which examine questions surrounding instrumental and gestural expression, embodied perception, time consciousness and performative agency in the context of envisioning new forms of interdisciplinary creative practice. The lab space is defined by an environment suffused with reactive, intelligent digital media within which to explore new forms of artistic expression, and new insights into how we sense, process and interact with the performing arts in the post/digital age. The lab culture is defined by improvised inquiry and exploration of distributed creativity through music and movement-based performance practices that are mediated by contexts such as the physical distribution of performers across internet-based networks, and distribution of creative decisions between human performers and “artificially creative” computational agents.
Doug Van Nort is Canada Research Chair in Digital Performance at York University, and an Assistant Professor cross-appointed between the departments of Computational Arts, Music and Theatre & Performance Studies. Van Nort is an artist, researcher, composer and performer. His work is concerned with issues of performance and sensorial immersion in technologically-mediated environments. He creates works that integrate improvisation and collective performance with machine agents, interactive systems and experiences of telepresence. Van Nort regularly presents this work internationally, and recent projects have spanned telematic music compositions, transforming an elevator into an electroacoustic sculpture, interactive textiles, developing machine improvisation systems, interactive music composition for a dance piece based on muscle sound, and performing sonified data streams from NASA's Kepler mission. This work is informed by his background in mathematics, media arts, music composition and performance, and draws upon disparate areas ranging from perception and cognition, systems theory, performance studies, cybernetics, machine learning, signal processing and various forms of ritual.
Thomas Gerwin is a multi-talented and prolific composer, sound artist, improviser and curator and operates his own presentation organization in Berlin called Inter-Art Project. Inter-Art project regularly presents sound art and experimental music, including the annual International Sound Art Festival Berlin. Thomas Gerwin has participated in and has led many large scale artistic collaborative projects over his career.
Sarah Weaver is a New York-based composer, conductor, and technologist working internationally as a specialist in telematic music for large contemporary ensembles and in localized works.
Stories, Biographies, Reflections
Performance of works from the TransX Symposium
February 18, 2017, 8:00 pm
Geary Lane, 360 Geary Avenue, Toronto
General $15 , Students $10
The ears never rest. Not only are they hearing sound all of the time but they are also hearing the voices inside one's mind as it recounts recounts stories, reflects on experiences, and weighs moral issues. This performance of radiophonic works encompasses different forms of telling stories and reflecting on one's experiences and the moral dilemma's confronted.