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Abstracts and Bios

Keynote Address: Digging Wider — Expanding Research Methods through Multidisciplinary Art Practice
by Amanda Dawn Christie

Through various projects related to the Radio Canada International shortwave transmission site, this talk will explore creative approaches to research through various media and disciplines in order to gain new perspectives, understanding, and insights that might not have been discovered through traditional research methods. Examples of disciplines discussed will include sound recording, film, video, performance, installation, photography, text, radio broadcasts, interviews, work with archival materials, and the creation of fictitious materials. Works explored in this talk include: Spectres of Shortwave, Radio Towers Like Windchimes, Sine Waves and Snow Falls, Requiem for Radio, Laundry Line Antenna, and The Marshland Radio Plumbing Project.

Radio as a composition tool
by Karen Power

A workshop on how to see/hear radio as a composition tool, from field recording to creative play. Radio is the one medium that priorities our ears, therefore it’s ability to both transmit and receive sound is unique. Without visual stimuli we must listen, shape, record and mould sounds in a different way.This workshop will focus on recording as a creative act and specifically how one makes outdoor and indoor recordings suitable for radio. Radio uniquely considers and negotiates space, as it enters each individual household or room. It is completely mobile, transferable and temporary. How do we prepare audio without knowing its final ‘performance space’’?

Nothing to See Here: Experimental Radio from NSCAD
by David Clark

David Clark from NSCAD University will present excerpts and talk about the process of producing the experimental spoken word radio program Nothing To See Here, a show produced collaboratively by students at NSCAD in Halifax. It blends soundscapes with improvised narratives, monologues, and radio drama organized around a loose thematic architecture. The show is often darkly humorous but has become a flexible structure for accommodating the variety of personalities that have been involved.

David Clark is a media artist interested in experimental narrative and cinematic use of the internet. Recent works include interactive narrative works for the web: ’88 Constellations for Wittgenstein’, and ‘A is for Apple’. His work has been exhibited at In/Future Exhibition at Ontario Place, Sundance, SIGGRAPH, EMAF, Transmediale, and the Kitchen in New York. His work has won awards at FILE, Sao Paulo and the SXSW Interactive Festival. “88 Constellations for Wittgenstein” was included in the Electronic Literature Collection #2 and won the  2011 Nova Scotia Masterwork Award. He teaches Media Arts at NSCAD University in Halifax.

Threshold - Listening_IN_Between
by Kristian Derek Ball

This is a sonic investigation into spatial-temporal interactions suggested by how we observer(listener) engage with the sonic environment.  The installation allows the observer to have the potential experience of sonic multiplicity through the acoustic blending of different aural spaces using inputs of wireless microphones located about the exhibition space.  These input signals are processed and then relayed to speakers arranged in the exhibition space.  The observer’s movement through the exhibit is where I postulate is an experience of the X space between sounding bodies and listener.  The actualization of this transitional (X) is “re-actualized” through the acoustic blending of activities originality located in different physical spaces resulting in an experience of spatial and temporal overlap.  Consequently, the question remains how do we start to unpack this phenomenological idea of inhabiting and experiencing a “simultaneity of space”? 

Kristian Derek Ball is a sound artist, designer and composer.  He has produced works for numerous theatrical and film productions, as well as recorded and mixed music for various artists and producers worldwide.  As an accomplished artist he most recently exhibited at the Arizona State University School Art and Lehigh University.  The  Leonardo Music Journal(MIT Press), Palgrave MacMillan and Academia.edu.  are among the latest resources where you can find his most recent publications.  He lectures on the Sonic Arts, Sound Studies, Design and Technology and has been a professor, lecturer and designer at Muhlenberg College, Lehigh University, Kansas City Art Institute, University of Missouri Kansas City and the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts. For more about him and is work please visit http://www.kristianderekball.com