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New Adventures in Sound Art
New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) is a non-profit media arts organization in South River, Ontario, Canada that presents exhibitions, performances and broadcasts spanning the entire spectrum of electroacoustic and experimental sound art. Along with workshops, lectures, and demonstrations that teach a new perception of sound, New Adventures in Sound Art offers the opportunity to educate artists and audiences both locally and abroad.

NAISA operates the  NAISA North Media Arts Centre and Café at 313 Highway 124, South River which includes an exhibition and workshop space along with a Café that offers locally baked goods, vegan soups and Muskoka Roastery Coffee.  The centre is also the broadcast point for YouTube livestreams on NAISATube and the internet radio station NAISA Radio.

New Adventures in Sound Art has published four educational booklets:  The Radio Art Companion; Sound in Space, the Sign Waves Companion, and the Sound Art Basics.  All of these are still available.

The Artistic Director of New Adventures in Sound Art is Darren Copeland.

Our Mandate
New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) strives to present audio experiences that encourage new forms of listening. NAISA seeks to educate its audience and artists by exposing them to the entire spectrum of innovative sound art and sound technologies, including work in a variety of artistic disciplines.

Annual Events

Art’s Birthday – NAISA participates in this annual international exchange-art event on January 17th to celebrate the birth of Art with performances and live broadcasts.

Deep Wireless Festival of Radio and Transmission Art – a celebration of radio and transmission art held between January and March.

Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art – annual summer festival that includes indoor & outdoor interactive sound installations, electroacoustic sound art performances and more.

SOUNDplay– a meeting point for experimentation in new media and sound art encouraging new fusions of image, sound and text held in the fall each year.

Springscapes– a series of installations, workshops and live-stream events that highlights the dramatic changes in the natural soundscape that take place in the Almaguin Highlands from winter to spring.

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