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Come for the Coffee & Stay for the Art

The Café at NAISA offers Muskoka Roastery coffee, a variety of teas, sodas, locally-baked goodies, Vegan Soups and Chilli

Have lunch on an artist’s budget with the Artist’s Special

Open 10 am to 4 pm Thursday to Monday


Coffee $2.25

Latte/Cappuccino $4.00

Tea $2.25

Soda $2.25

Juice $1.50

Bagels $2.25 (Everything, Plain, Cinnamon Raisin)

Vegan Soup $3.50

(ask your server for the soup of the day)

Brownies $3.50

Date Squares $3.00

Butter Tarts $2.25

Cookies $2.25

Macaroons $2.25 (gluten/lactose free)

Artist Special $7.00 (Soup, Bagel and Beverage)

$0.50 extra to replace Soup with Chilli

$2.25 extra to replace beverage with latte/cappuccino


Pouring Coffee from black thermos into white coffee mug