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Cross Waves Series

CrossWavesLargeCross Waves is a Canadian Sound Art series that includes performances and internet radio programs curated by eight media artists representing various regional and cultural perspectives in Canada:

Chantal Dumas, Steve Bates, Jason Ryle, Peter Courtemanche, Janna Graham, Christof Migone, Anna Friz and Eleanor King.

The series will take place between July 2014 and February 2016. The content will be contextualized by the curators through commentaries and essays and will draw attention to Sound Artists from across Canada.

“Cross Waves creates a place for eight world renown Canadian media artists to relate their observations about Canadian Sound Art from a personal perspective within the context of both their local and national communities. The works that have been curated offer an explicitly comprehensive overview of Canadian sound art and special efforts have been made to include activity not found in the Sound Art literature. We hope this series will enrich your understanding of Canadian sound art.” – Darren Copeland, Artistic Director, New Adventures in Sound Art.