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Cross Waves #2 Nothing (repeated)
curated by Steve Bates
launches with a concert September 26, 2014, 8 PM
performances by Steve Bates and Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt
@ the NAISA Space, 601 Christie St #252, $10
Nothing (Repeated) opens with a discussion by curator, Steve Bates, into the motivations to broadcast such a reduced space. Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt performs Sappho (now again), a new work inspired by the lyric poetry of Sappho, and the blank spaces left in the historical ledger.

Sappho (now again) by Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt

We have nothing left of the poetry of the archaic lyric Sappho. Almost nothing: fragments of papyri riddled with holes and lots of illegible words, random citations of some of her verses, and some testimonia (historical gossip). It is said that she wrote music to accompany her poetry and invented the mixolydian mode, a classical set of musical notes forming a scale that was most notably used in tragedy and is considered fundamental to harmony in the western tradition. This piece is an interpretation of the lacks and gaps that brings us closer to an untimely source of sonic rapture: Sappho’s silent and sundered words translated through time deprived of its musicality.

Steve Bates is an artist, musician, and occasional curator living in Montréal. The sonic is the starting point for his projects which are evocations of communication networks and systems, or expressions of spatial and temporal experience.

Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt studies, writes and performs in Montreal. He will be finishing the final chapter of his thesis before and after the performance at NAISA. He is currently developing a sound-based ethnographical research project on taxi subculture and plays in a band called Lanterner.