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Cross Waves concert #3: Radio with Everything at Hand: the early years of 24 Hours of Radio/ART, 1992 - 1996
With performances by: Peter Courtemanche (Absolute Value of Noise) and Anna Friz
January 16, 2015, 8:00 pm
General $10

Peter Courtemanche (Absolute Value of Noise) and Anna Friz will perform in a live "radio show concert" starting with Michele Frey's journey to Art's Birthday and "24 Hours of Radio Art" in 1996. The show will provide a brief historical introduction to the early editions of "24 hours" followed by a radio jam that recreates the style and feel of the shows from that era. The performance will end with a mix by Bobbi Kozinuk from the last hour of "24 Hours" in 1994.

I. Michele Frey 1996 (7:58) Michele was a sound artist and radio show host on CFRO Vancouver Co-operative radio. She was doing an artist-residency at the Western Front. She recorded her journey from Gastown to the Western Front for Art's Birthday 1996.

II. Radio IDs and brief selections from the history of "24 Hours."

III. A live radio jam with Absolute Value of Noise and Anna Friz.

IV. The Last Show 1994 (5:25) by Bobbi Kozinuk. Bobbi bought a Sony walkman-style cassette recorder and a binaural microphone setup that she could put in her ears so that it looked like she was wearing headphones. She carried it everywhere - on walks, on journeys to different parts of the world, and to concerts and events. This mix features the sounds of a Survival Research Laboratories show that took place outdoors in Seattle. Bobbi plays with a sound effects record that is mixed on top. This was the last show of 24 Hours on Private Radio 89.3 MHz in 1994. Bobbi was one of the producers of the early editions of "24 Hours" and is also a proponent of do-it-yourself pirate radio transmitters.