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Cross Waves #6 performance
Curated by Anna Friz with live performance by Andrea-Jane Cornell
May 8, 2015, 8:00 pm
@ the NAISA Space, 601 Christie St #252
General $10

Introduction by Anna Friz

i.Quartet for dot matrix printers by [The User], 2004
ii.Barok Soundscapes (Solo de Maude) by Nancy Tobin, 2002
iii.Performance by Andrea-Jane Cornell

I. Barok Soundscapes (Fellini, Solo de Maude) by Nancy Tobin, 2002
Soundscapes composed with micro excerpts from orchestral Baroque recordings on vinyl. Originally composed for a choreography by Danièle Desnoyers, for the production Bataille by the Montréal-based Company Le Carré des Lombes.
II. Quartet for dot matrix printers by [The User], 2004
Quadrophonic composition recorded from the final installment in [The User]'s dot matrix printer series, where obsolete office technology become musical instruments. In the installation setting, four printers are displayed under glass, on museum plinths arranged in a square, one plinth at each corner. Each printer is equipped with microphones and miniature video cameras. The gallery visitor, sitting in an office chair at the centre of the installation, is immersed in a junk-aesthetic audiovisual environment orchestrated entirely from the composed texts that the printers reproduce. Quartet for dot matrix printer brings the Symphony for dot matrix printers project to its ultimate conclusion. Not only are the technologies obsolete but so are the people, rendered redundant in a totally automated environment, a performance without performers. For this evening, the composition will be heard as a tape piece in four channels.
III. Objets oubliés/Objects left behind by Andrea-Jane Cornell, 2015
Andrea-Jane Cornell improvises with field recordings, radio waves, and object-instruments. For this live performance, she works mainly with objects and machines left behind and never reclaimed, coaxing out their resonant properties and squeaky parts populating a sound scape with a confluence of broken, and sometimes silent elements.