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Cross Waves #8: “Noodaagun. Beacons.”
curated by Jason Ryle

By Janet Rogers
January 22, 2016, 8:00 pm
at Trinity Square Video, 401 Richmond Street West #376, Toronto

General $10
Cross Waves is a Canadian Sound Art series that includes performances and internet radio programs curated by eight media artists representing different regional and cultural perspectives in Canada. The series is taking place between July 2014 and February 2016. The content is contextualized by the curators through commentaries and essays and draws attention to Sound Artists from across Canada. The eighth in the series, entitled “Noodaagun Beacons” is curated by Jason Ryle. Ryle’s series will begin broadcasting in February on NAISA Radio everyday at noon, 8pm and 4am on NAISA Radio (www.naisa.ca/naisa-radio). A concert featuring “Playing Radio Sound Performance” by Janet Rogers, alongside works from Ryle’s Cross Waves #8 radio programme will be presented on January 22.

Introduction by Jason Ryle

I. Assimilation by Judith Schuyler (Oneida)
Indigenous concepts of sovereignty and urban identity are explored in this short work that gives a response to the concept of freedom from the perspective of a young urban Indigenous female.
II. freek¡Üwhency by Janet Rogers (Mohawk/Tuscarora), 2011
Exploring themes of identity, politics, cultural reshaping and forgiveness, artist Janet Rogers crafts an audio experience utilizing sound compositions, interviews and sound poetry to evoke the “spirit of radio.” Rogers creates an audio time capsule of contemporary Indigeneity in Canada.
III. Score for the Bottom of a Lake by Suzanne Morrissette (Cree/Métis)
A moving, meditative aural landscape of a lake bottom; the mixture of sounds form an audio tribute to a physical place that few humans can experience.
IV. Kikinaw by Cheryl L’Hirondelle (Cree/Métis/European)
In this “soundmark”, the artist evokes and represents the identity, spirit and form of a tepee, with a refrain that that says “our home, all of us, together, all beings.”
V. Nikamowin (Song) by Kevin Lee Burton (Swampy Cree), 2007
Creating a linguistic soundscape through aural elements of Cree, Kevin Lee Burton weaves sound and image with a political and rhythmic resonance. Exploring diverse landscapes by remixing their formal textures, the construction of this work – originally an experimental video – underscores questions of how languages emerge, exist, transform and dissolve.
VI. Playing Radio Sound (performance) by Janet Rogers (Mohawk/Tuscarora)
Using average clock radios, Janet Rogers will present a sound performance using digital tuning, static, sound, song, voice, alarms and body. Radio waves exist within time and frequency. The medium of radio requires expressive signals and receivers. One little clock radio offers so much information and uses. Rogers will play (with) four clock radios in a performance to exemplify how we receive this information and signals.