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I. Solo Performance, Köln by crys cole
The sound source is mouth and skin. The performance is still and one’s scale of listening reduces to another threshold.
II. Groove: hand-cut by Peter Courtemanche
Peter Courtemanche provides a rumbling, rolling soundtrack (Groove: hand-cut) of an object whose surface, once smooth and near-clinical, is now rendered as a rollicking noisy landscape. By hand-carving a groove, borrowing from vinyl record topography, into a compact disc, this new noise-maker leaves behind its smooth past and joins the world of animated vibration.
III. Quieting by Christof Migone
Christof Migone’s study of trauma, and its aftermath, Quieting, reveals the many types of silence left in the wake of fracturing events. Taking the cannon shot fired every day at noon from Citadel Hill in Halifax as starting point, Quieting, is based on these recordings or inspired by the shock of the shot. Other elements include audio form a video recording of Chris Burden’s performance work, Shoot, and audio from “First Contact” a film which recounts Australian gold diggers subjugating aborigines with guns.
IV. The European Rooms by Douglas Moffat
Douglas Moffat’s soundtrack to The European Rooms, is a study in miniature. Room tones recorded of miniature models of enlightenment-era architectural interiors contrast the humming tones with the hyper-detail of the visual field. The piece is bookended by a violin concerto, a performance interpreted from miniature sheet music in one of the rooms.
V. Area by jake moore
jake moore’s Area is a room tone documenting the movement of light through space. It is a light that will no longer be as the view outside the windows will be covered by a 40 story tower. Here is the sound of a room as daylight filters through it followed by the night. What will this space become without this light?
VI. Crystal Symmetry by Erin Sexton
Erin Sexton’s microscopic crystals come alive with the crackling, pulsing sonic world that may as well be the whole universe. Crystal Symmetry is an improvisation/experiment with electromagnetic amplifiers, hewlett packard test oscillator, super saturated solution, sugar crystals, and touch.