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Notes for Radio Programme
Radio show at 4:00, 12:00 and 20:00
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The program for NAISA radio for January 2015 was produced by Peter Courtemanche and Bill Mullan. It features selected works from the first four editions of "24 Hours" with commentary about the radio shows of the time. Writing and voice by Bill Mullan. Selections curated by Peter Courtemanche.

1. Origins or where it all began (4:50) by Bill Mullan
with extracts from early AVN Radio shows (1988 and 1990) and the Noise Day Promo Cart 1992 (0:58)
2. The Truth Channel 1992 (4:04) by Bill Mullan (tape and vinyl manipulation)

Set One:
3. Pariah 1992 (1:46) by Diana Arens (metal and voice) and June Scudeler (metal)
4. Noise of Change 1992 (7:14) by Don Chow (tape and beats) with sounds from Kelly White and Judy Radul

Set Two:
5. No Boundary Condition 1992 (7:47) with Pete Lutwyche (guitar), Adam Sloan (tone generator), and Jane Tilley (four track tape)
6. Intermission 1992 (Station ID from 1992) (1:38) by Bill Mullan
7. Free for All 1992 (7:18) with Diana Arens (voice), Bill Mullan (voice), Matt Richards (voice and effects), mixed by AVN and Adam Sloan

Set Three:
8. Radio on Radio/WENR 1992 (2:08) by Bobbi Kozinuk (hand-built 1 Watt FM radio transmitter and ghetto-blaster)
9. G42 Productions 1992 (4:45) by Patrick Devine and Scott Fraser (tape loops)
10. Live Radio without Human Intervention 1992 (5:44) by Adam Sloan (cd loops)

Set Four:
11. Toxic Option Syndrome 1992 (9:28) by Adam Sloan (tape and CD manipulation)
12. No Boundary Condition 1992 (3:10) by Pete Lutwyche (solo guitar)
13. No Boundary Condition 1992 (8:00) by Jane Tilley (four track tape)

Set Five:
14. Mass Produced Objects 1996 (2:00) by Judy Radul (voice and multitrack tape)
15. Everything U Know Is Wrong 1992 (6:11) by Pat Mullan (tape and vinyl manipulation)
16. Boris Bop 1992 (7:03) by Matt Richards (tape, voice, guitar)
17. Revox Duet 1992 (1:07) by Anthony Hempell (Revox PR99) and Adam Sloan (parametric EQ)

Set Six:
18. Gigablast! 1992 (10:31) by Andrea Cserenyi (tape and vinyl manipulation) with contributions from Larry Mud and the Sensuous Leper
19. Gigablast! 1993 (8:58) by Andrea Cserenyi (tape and vinyl manipulation)

Set Seven:
20. Noise Day ID 1993 (1:28) by Bill Mullan (with samples stolen from Gregory Whitehead)
21. Christopher Speener-Lowe 1992 (0:56) analog synth
22. Sound of Reality 1992 (4:10) by Anthony Roberts (tape and vinyl manipulation) and Michelle LaFlamme
23. Sound of Reality 1993 (2:30) by Anthony Roberts (tape and vinyl manipulation)

Set Eight:
24. Michele Frey 1996 (7:58) Michele records here journey from Gastown to the Western Front for Art's Birthday
25. Sound of Truth 1996 (6:02) by Bill Mullan and Anthony Roberts (tape and vinyl manipulation)
26. Truth Channel 1994 (parts I and II) (6:08) by Bill Mullan (tape and vinyl manipulation) and Rolf Wilkinson (on drums)

Set Nine:
27. Rolf and AVN 1994 (19:40) by Rolf Wilkinson (drums) and Absolute Value of Noise (tape and vinyl)

Set Ten:
28. The Last Show 1994 (5:25) by Bobbi Kozinuk (field recordings and sound effects records)