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Cross Waves #8: “Noodaagun. Beacons.”
curated by Jason Ryle


The Spirit of Radio Indigenous (6 mins, 2015) by Janet Rogers

The spirit of Indigenous audio – its breath and personality – is contemplated. The artist makes an assured statement to the power of radio Indigenous and our responsibility to the land and air.

Being Indian (5 mins) by Janet Rogers

An audio poem about the “Indian condition” and a comment on contemporary Indigenous identity.

Corn Bred (5.5 mins) by Janet Rogers

Indigenous sovereignty and identity are asserted in this audio poem.

Calls to Action (6 mins) by Janet Rogers

A powerful activist spirit – and a real call to positive change – are strongly evident in this audio poem.

Remnants of the Commons (3 mins, 2013) by Jordan Bennett

The spirit of Indigenous resistance overlays Neil Young’s classic song Heart of Gold. The artist creates an aural tribute to – and a stand of solidary with – the citizens of the Elsipogtog First Nations in defence of their sovereignty.

(9 min, 2014) by Caroline Monnet

Contact microphones running over metal chains create a wonderful sense of movement – and a touch of the foreboding – in this sound installation.

Balloon Duo (3 mins, 2014) by Caroline Monnet

A woman and a man each blow and deflate a balloon. Their breaths become a force of their own as the sounds of each blend to take on a completely amorphous tone, especially when combined with the sound created by the balloons themselves.

Karenniyohston – Old Song Made Good (14 mins, 2012) by Zoe Leigh Hopkins & Brian Maracle

A father and daughter – a teacher and student – explore the power of the Mohawk language through the playful subversion of the national anthems of Canada, the UK, and the USA.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior (10 mins, 2011) by Joey Shaw

A personal reflection of identity and purpose, the artist – a poet, lyricist and vocalist – interweaves soundscapes, interviews and his own spoken word and musical beats into a raw, honest glimpse into the lives of urban Indigenous youth.

Assimilation (1.5 mins, 2012) by Judith Schuyler

Indigenous concepts of sovereignty and urban identity are explored in this short work that gives a response to the concept of freedom from the perspective of a young urban Indigenous female.

Dream Walker (1.5 mins, 2012) by Michele Lonechild (Ojibway/Plains Cree)

A short, dreamlike soundscape invites the listeners to contemplate other realities where freedom reigns.

Untitled (1.5 mins, 2012) by Leslie McCue (Ojibway)

Urban Indigenous realities are sonically amplified and critically examined.

Stillness (4.5 mins, 2012) by Cheyenne Scott (Coast Salish)

A contemplation on the nature of freedom – in all its complexities – is meditatively explored.

The Mi’kmaq’Ki of Minigoo – 150 Corrupted Minds (2 mins) by Jordan Bennett (Mi’kmaq)

The spirit of Indigenous youth is sonically expressed in this work that explores the meaning of Canadian Federation to Mi’kmaq youth from PEI.

Nikamowin (Song) (11 mins, 2007) by Kevin Lee Burton (Swampy Cree)

Creating a linguistic soundscape through aural elements of Cree, Kevin Lee Burton weaves sound and image with a political and rhythmic resonance. Exploring diverse landscapes by remixing their formal textures, the construction of this work – originally an experimental video – underscores questions of how languages emerge, exist, transform and dissolve.

Kikinaw by (3.5 mins) Cheryl L’Hirondelle (Cree/Métis/European)

In this “soundmark”, the artist evokes and represents the identity, spirit and form of a tepee, with a refrain that that says “our home, all of us, together, all beings.”

maskihkiya mêskanaw" (2 mins) by Cheryl L’Hirondelle

In this ‘soundmark’, the artists sings the healing plant medicines found near the Humber River and advisers listeners to give thanks to the beings that created them.

Each Portion (6 mins) by Lisa Myers (Anishinabe)

The relationships between geography, memories, and food is explored through audio of of berries at sites in Ontario. The berry picking is reconstructed as a rhythmic beat, reminiscent of a drum or a jingle dress dancer at a powwow.

Score for the Bottom of a Lake (9 mins) by Suzanne Morrissette (Cree/Métis)

A moving, meditative aural landscape of a lake bottom; the mixture of sounds form an audio tribute to a physical place that few humans can experience.

Singing Our Bones Home (9 mins) by Julie Nagam (Metis/Anishinabe)

A homage to the buried bodies in the Markham Ossurary in Ontairo, this sonic work also pays respect to the Indigenous people who lived on the site for centuries, while challenging the myth of terra nullius.

Horse (10 mins) by Archer Pechawis (Cree)

A powerful spoken word recounts the story of a nation of warriors taking a stand at a pivotal moment in Indigenous history.

Sasquatch (6 mins, 2015) by Janet Rogers

The spirit and sovereignty of non-human beings is playfully explored in this audio tribute to Sasquatch.

freek¡Üwhency (8 mins, 2011) by Janet Rogers (Mohawk/Tuscarora)

Exploring themes of identity, politics, cultural reshaping and forgiveness, artist Janet Rogers crafts an audio experience utilizing sound compositions, interviews and sound poetry to evoke the “spirit of radio.” Rogers creates an audio time capsule of contemporary Indigeneity in Canada.