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Artists Bios

Angus Cruikshank is a musician currently residing in London, Ontario. He has played in numerous bands in Canada and abroad including Clock Strikes Music, Squids, and Telechasms. He recently completed the Bachelor of Science and Nursing program at the University of Western Ontario.
Juro Kim Feliz After finishing studies at the University of the Philippines and McGill University, Toronto-based composer Juro Kim Feliz has premiered his work across Asia, North America, and Europe. Awards include the Goethe Southeast Asian Young Composer Award in 2009 and a “Highly Commended” distinction at the Ars Electronica Forum Wallis in 2018.
Nicole Goodwin (aka GOODW.Y.N.) is the author of Warcries, and the poetic sequel Warcrimes as well as the photographic essay book Ain't I a Woman (?/!): I Give of Myself based on the five year iterations of Ain't I a Woman (?/!). They are a finalist for the CUE Foundation’s 2022 Public Programs Fellowship, as well as the 2020 Pushcart Nominee, 2018-2019 Franklin Furnace Fund Recipient, the 2018 Ragdale Alice Judson Hayes Fellowship Recipient, 2017 EMERGENYC Hemispheric Institute Fellow and the 2013- 2014 Queer Art Mentorship Queer Art Literary Fellow. They published the articles “Talking with My Daughter…” and “Why is this Happening in Your Life…” in the New York Times’ parentblog Motherlode. Additionally, their work “Ain’t I a Woman (?/!): Poems,” was longlisted for The Black Spring Press Group’s The Christopher Smart-Joan Alice Prize for 2020, and their work "Desert Flowers" was shortlisted and selected for performance by the Women's Playwriting International Conference in Cape Town, South Africa in 2015.
Geronimo Inutiq is an electronic music producer, performer, DJ, multi-media artist, and operator of the Indigene Audio independent tape label. Starting off as a hip hop producer in Quebec City with seminal Presha Pack crew in the mid-90s, Inutiq started further exploring electronic music production techniques through private research and at Concordia University. Known for his work as "madeskimo" - and helping innovate a fusion of Inuit throat-singing and drumming with electronic beats - Inutiq has also become recognized for doing video and visual art in the context of museum, galleries, and public exhibits. Photo: Jocelyn Piirainen
Faisal Karadsheh is a Jordanian-born multidisciplinary artist. His oeuvre continually moves towards in-between spaces: a middle ground between abstraction and representation, where interior and exterior modalities can exist as one. As a result, his practice attempts to unravel the tensions, or harmonies, that arise between the self and the other. In his work, the presence, or absence, of spatial realities is contingent on a sensing somatic subject; a (re)producer or constructor.
Prachi Khandekar is a curator, designer, and writer. She conceives and creates exhibitions and multimedia projects. She examines our tech- and brand-driven culture, with a particularly interest in exploring the polarities of comfort and pain embedded in our digital interactions: laughter, isolation, nostalgia, anxiety, and everything in between.
Michael Carr (aka Face Mason) is the Co-founder and Executive Producer of The Broheim Sydicate, Inner Spaces, an upcoming podcast series featuring Nicole Goodwin aka GOODW.Y.N. As a Digital Designer you can find some of his works featured on websites such as KNICKS ANONOYMUS.
Anton Pickard is a multimedia practitioner who uses images, video and sound for personal expression and has been doing so in various forms for over 45 years. He continues to explore new ways of expression with the emergence of new media tools and techniques. Some of his work is available at his website.
Michelle Wilson is an artist and mother currently residing as an uninvited guest on Treaty Six territory in London, Ontario. In her current work, she makes palpable the presence and absence of bison and their inseparability from the land and its people. In the Euro-American archive, bison bodies have been used to convey colonial knowledge systems, and their story of survival has been used to perpetuate myths of “settler saviours." As a feminist of settler descent studying in colonial institutions, this is the legacy that Wilson has inherited and is confronting.