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Radio and CD

Art's Birthday anyWare Broadcast
By Jane Tingley, Cindy Poremba and Marius Kintel
January 17, 2019, 2:30 - 3:30 PM
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 106 Ottawa Ave, South River

Escape the chill of winter and celebrate the 1,000,056th birthday of art and the opening of the anyWare installation.

At exactly 3:10 pm a special guest will connect to NAISA remotely and collaborate with those at NAISA to play the anyWare sculpture. Listening in to the interaction will be a Satellite radio audience in Europe as part of the Euroradio Ars Acustica special broadcast of Art's Birthday parties from around the world.

anyWare is an Internet of Things distributed sculpture comprised of two identical objects and one virtual online portal that telematically connect different locations in the world and enable distant physical communication. Structuring these interactions are a number of games and puzzles for people to play/solve, either individually or collaboratively. The objects transform in the experience of exploration (either with one person or potentially with many people) and in so doing reveal different levels of interactivity and aesthetic experience.

Listen online on NAISA Radio <https://naisa.ca/naisa-radio> and Euroradio Ars Acustica <https://arsacustica.wordpress.com>

The creation and production of anyWare would not be possible without the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).
NAISARadio "Off the Beat(en) Track"
January 17, 2019, 8:00 am to 11:59 pm

Journey in your mind to a place ‘off the beaten track’ and explore an eclectic range of radio and sound art from around the world. NAISARadio will be broadcasting works responding to NAISA's 2019 programming theme of 'Off the Beat(en) Track.' In addition, NAISA will be playing other past programming that resonates with this theme. Highlights of the 2019 collection can also be heard on NAISA's Deep Wireless 14 Soundcloud album.
Deep Wireless 14 Online Album
Launching January 17, 2019
NAISA Soundcloud Page
The Deep Wireless 14 Online Album was produced by New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) for the 2019 edition of the annual Deep Wireless Festival of Radio & Transmission Art. The contents of the album were curated by NAISA from an international call for submissions on the theme Off the Beat(en) Track.

I. Machine In The Shell by Jullian Hoff
The work is questioning the interactions between an autonomous generative device that produces the musical material for 16 channels with the hyperactivity of a computer system and the composer in his role of formatting and supervising the syntax. Sound materials used explores different kind of machine’s sounds archetypes like pure sounds, noises, glides, glitches, mechanical iterations and so on with perfect parametric control on every aspect as well as some anthropomorphism of the machine as imagined by my human ears influenced by popular and sci-fi culture trying to giving it a language.Finally, some on-board conversations of the Apollo 11 crew were used (NASA, public domain). I’m fascinated by space and those people who explores the unknown. The piece is largely inspired by the sci- fi literature and space conquest is a prolific field of how human dreams can be fulfilled by relying on machines. - JH
II. Sleep No More by Bernard Clarke
A vision of Macbeth in life and death: four dying gasps release a torrent of sound. In part one we meet the man of evil, a rich setting. The second part presents the eternal Macbeth, now he is a she, tormented by self hatred. The end returns the beginning.

III. Summer Stillness by Monica Kidd
Stillness invites the act of listening. Life on an island does this, too. Instead of moving through the world, living on a small island gives one the sense of having the world move through oneself. Monica Kidd does this every summer when she travels to her family's cabin on a small island in the Bay of Exploits, Newfoundland. There is no electricity or running water, and the world, except for the water and weather, is very still. "Summer Stillness" is a soundscape from that time and place. - MK
IV. Ways of Listening by Zoe Gordon
A self portrait reflecting on interviews about listening with seven women artists and colleagues working in Thunder Bay, Ontario during a six month period recording and considering my relationship to the place I live in. - ZG
V. I Dreamt This Was My Home by Helena Krobath
This wordless narrative takes place in logging and recreation forests around the former missionary project and railroad settlement of Mission, British Columbia. Reconsidering nature and enclosure, I compose electroacoustic land-and-memory-scapes. I use vehicles as recording media and bodily prosthetic; place myself in friction with park design and flow; listen beyond visual frames; and trouble spatial narratives. - HK
VI. Gateway by Benoit Bories
Gateway invites listeners to feel the ecological and social changes affecting the Kiewa Valley and High Country in Australia. It is created by little stories that describe the relationship between people and their environment.

Gateway is a sound art project produced by the Bogong Center for Sound Culture. Fieldwork was made possible with the assistance of B-CSC's supported residency program, French Institute and the municipality of Toulouse.
VII. Tsikatsi by Edgardo Moreno
Tsikatsii. A large grasshopper with a loud percussive wing flap. Original field recording of Tsikatsii made on Blood reserve Kainaii, Southern Alberta.
VIII. Edzi'u by Kime Ani
Kime Ani are words in the Tahltan language, translated to mean "home coming" or also "let’s go home." Included here is a seven part electronic work created from a selection of vintage audio samples from Edzi'u's three generations of grandmothers and matriarchs, recorded as early as 2017 and as late as 30 years ago.
IX. Depiction of Sounds - pray to budha and gods by Kazuya Ishigami
At the end of the year, I hear the bells on New Year's Eve. In order to wash away all the bad things of the year. And, as next year will be a good year, I wash out the heart. New Year, I will pray to the shrine. - KI
X. Time Anomaly by Petri Kuljuntausta
Time has different meanings. We have our own biological time and psychological time. The working time measures our daily routines. Mass and energy warps space and time. Quantum theorists studying the fourth dimension propose that time can bend, allowing us to glimpse the future. 'Time Anomaly' is influenced about the concept of time and the work is a study about the common time machine, the clock. The sound source of the work is just one clock and its ticking sound (60 bpm) which is manipulated with the help of granular synthesis.
XI. Trapping the Air: weak signals for six radios at nightfall by Sebastiane Hegarty
A recording of a live micro-FM transmission performed at the Lizard Wireless Telegraphy Station, Cornwall: site of Marconi’s first ‘over-the-horizon’ wireless transmission in 1901.

The composed transmission is based on field-recordings collected on the Lizard Peninsular, a landscape littered with the architectural remains of listening and communication. Haunted by the did-dit-dit of Marconi’s test signal tapped out on the towers and blast walls of these architectural ghosts, the emerging soundscape mingles local sounds with others recorded on the Isle of Wight, from where Marconi’s original signal had arrived. The transmission begins as the first illuminated arc of the Lizard Lighthouse signals nightfall.
XII. Qu Extensions by Seth Rozanoff
Qu-Extensions is an arrangement of found sounds, and their processed counterparts; I view this arrangement as a type of 'slow improvisation'. For the work's construction, my setup in the studio was adapted from a previous performance system, which had initially generated seemingly meditative and tranquil sonic forms. - SR