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Radio and CD

By Claude Schryer
On NAISA Radio, 10AM Daily

The conscient podcast is a series of conversations and monologues about art and the ecological crisis presented and produced in English and French by Claude Schryer. It began in 2020 as a personal learning journey and knowledge sharing exercise that starts with the climate crisis as a touchstone and examines how arts and culture can play a critical role in raising public awareness about environmental issues. The conscient podcast follows up on his previous podcast simplesoundscapes.
By Michelle Macklem and Jess Shane (Curators and Hosts)
On NAISA Radio, 12PM - Thursday to Sunday

Constellations is a sound art and experimental narrative collective that illuminates international artists making sound works that convey meaning through evocation and abstraction. Co-founded by Michelle Macklem and Jess Shane, Constellations features a wide-range of audio works which unravel the distinctions between experimental documentary, sound art, soundscapes, fiction, and music. The pieces they air encourage listeners to expand their conception of narrative, musicality and attention.