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Artists Bios

Zoe Gordon is a sound recordist and designer living in Thunder Bay Ontario. She contributes to media projects in collaboration with artists and directors and is currently focused on field recording and performance art as tools for transformation.
Lucille Kim is a Cambodian-Canadian artist based in Hamilton. She received an HBA in Art & Art History from University of Toronto. Environment and language challenge notions of personal, familial, and national identities while past-present memories bring forth a history about violence and its effect upon the human body.
Helena Krobath ’s art practices include field recording, electroacousic composition, visual arts, storytelling, and live spatial practices such as soundwalking. She has exhibited narrative audio works and electroacoustic compositions, created and hosted radio programming, and produced academic work in audio format. She eagerly participates in community-based learning and creative education.
Keri Latimer is primarily a singer/songwriter based in Winnipeg, but it has been difficult to find inspiration to write lyrics and sing throughout the pandemic. She has therefore been exploring the Virtual Buchla Easel and playing the theremin more, which seems to be the perfect voice for her, and requires no words to convey what she would like to express. With her alt-folk group "Leaf Rapids" and previous band "Nathan" she has toured internationally for 15 years. Besides crooning about vultures and barbershop stabbings, she scores music for film and television and sings backup vocals in her home studio. Career highlights include receiving a JUNO Award with her folk band, featured theremin performances with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, most notably for a premiere of Bjork's composition, Family For Strings, and contributing music for films including Academy Award nominated Frozen River by Courtney Hunt, Only Dream Things by Guy Maddin, and Shelagh Carter’s feature film, Before Anything You Say.
Sandy McLennan is a multidisciplinary artist thriving on reinvention. A Sheridan College Media Arts graduate (1981), he worked as Audio-Visual/Computer Technician in schools until 2014, residing near Huntsville, Ontario since 1986. Making movies on celluloid film or digital video, he is compelled to reproduce docu-drama evidence of the world around him. After decades away he is back in his home darkroom, hand-processing motion picture film. He employs both a portable darkroom and portable cinema to take film outside. Sandy has received grants from the Ontario Arts council to teach pinhole photography and has led workshops at the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto. McLennan's experience includes performing with the Canadian Opera Company at age 7, shooting slides in Hong Kong in 1972, tape recording R.Murray Schafer’s lake opera in 1981, documenting a canoe trip on 16mm film, mounting solo and group exhibitions of photography, installation, audio and motion pictures and installation/performance collaborations with Beverley Hawksley for Nuit Blanche North.
Tosca Terán describes herself as an interdisciplinary, human holobiont whose work is a confluence of art, ecology, and craft. Her work has been featured at The Harwood Museum, SOFA New York, Metalsmith Magazine, The Toronto Design Exchange, the Memphis Metal Museum, MOCA Toronto, The Ontario Science Centre, Music Works Magazine, Vector Festival, Studio Art & Craft Canada, SONICA21 and A-MAZE Berlin’21. Tosca has been awarded grants and funding from the Goethe-Institute Montreal, The Canada Arts Council, BigCi at Wollemi National Park, Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council for her immersive, nonhuman fungal bio-sonification projects.
Jonathan Tyrrell is a designer, artist, and educator based in Toronto. He has a background in experimental architecture, public art, and music composition which he uses to explore the relationship between sound, space, and memory. He has exhibited at Unsilent Night (Cambridge, 2019), and Nuit Blanche (Toronto, 2019) where his project Sounding Bodies was written up by NOW Magazine as one of ten “must-see” sound works at the festival. Other projects include audio walks and sonic portraits of Toronto, and Loon Box (Stackt Market, 2019), a repurposed vintage speaker that plays loon calls, combined with a quadrophonic sound composition made from field recordings along the Lake Ontario shoreline.