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World Listening Day 2021: The Unquiet Earth 24 Hour Broadcast
By World Listening Project
Streaming at: NAISA Radio
World Listening Day is a grass roots event that takes place around the world every July 18, the birthday of Canadian soundscape educator and thinker R. Murray Schafer. Led by World Listening Project, NAISA Radio is participating as a broadcast partner along with WGXC Wave Farm. Go to World Listening Project website for the
Digital in Nature
August 14, 2021, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Online Location Issued after Advance Registration
General $10, Students FREE
In this shared listening gathering join artists Zoe Gordon from Thunder Bay, Keri Latimer from Winnipeg, Helena Krobath from Vancouver and Lucille Kim from Hamilton for the presentation of their recent sound art works curated by NAISA on the theme "Digital in Nature." To participate in the discussion in between pieces please register in advance to receive the online link, or simply tune in to NAISA Radio.

I. Body Print - Listening to the City Shore by Zoe Gordon
This stereo audio piece is a self portrait that uses digital recording to show the changing state of body, emotions and consciousness. These happen during short but repeated visits to sit and listen to the shore in Thunder Bay.
II. Moth Transmissions by Keri Latimer
This work was originally created for a nature dance piece which explores the Underwing Moth (found all over North America inner mainland) and the Sand Verbana Moth (an endangered species found on Vancouver Island). One is being displaced by human activity and the other is plentiful but considered a pest. The soundscape is a digital exploration of imagined moth transmissions and the haunting sounds of disappearing habitats.
III. Surveillance Drone Hatchlings First Flight by Helena Krobath
What if birds really are space-age surveillance drones, covertly observing? What if reality is fiction? This composition senses the world in fringe theory terms. Although conspiracy theories can seem farcical, the act of accepting a distorted rather than ‘plausible’ explanation of reality is itself an act of profound meaning. This piece uses environmental field recording, home-made instruments, and digital audio processing to blend nature and simulacra, dragging each other -- and listeners -- into a speculative, destabilized paradigm.
IV. Waves of Fortitude by Lucille Kim
“Waves of Fortitude” is a desolate sound piece in which the artist searches for healing while losing connection with the ground under foot. Mechanical repetitions are heard from the beginning relating to how the digital world heavily intertwines or impedes the body as another form of nature.
Mycelium Music
By Tosca Terán (aka Nanotopia)
September 11 - 12, 10-Hour Livestream 6:30AM (EDT) to 4:30PM (EDT)
Repeat presentation of a live audio-visual experience by Tosca Terán (aka Nanotopia) on NAISA’s Youtube channel of music and images derived from mycelium in the South River area as well as from living mycelium in Nanotopia's Toronto studio. Bio-Sonification modules are used to record biodata and translate that to MIDI in realtime which is brought into analog, semi-modular and digital synths.

Electrodes are placed within living mycelium (mushroom roots) which send the biodata into the bio-sonification modules. The modules detect micro-fluctuations in conductivity between 1,000 to 100,000th of a sec which is then translated into the human audio spectrum via MIDI.

Video captured around Algonquin park is processed using code, Unity and Touch Designer.