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Collective Listening Reflection
Community Sound Collection from June 20 to July 16, 2020. Three online Meetups on June 27 @ 2 pm, July 6 @ 2 or 7 pm, and July 18 @ 1 or 7 pm. All times UTC -4.
Online Meeting Location will be issued after Advance Registration.
Optional Admission Fee of $10 per meetup.

New Adventures in Sound Art will host a series of online meetups that will encourage reflection, facilitate soundscape recording and share and exchange perspectives on listening. The initiative will be facilitated by Canadian composer-sound artist Tina Pearson, who will suggest a listening score for participants to consider in recording within their local environments. The resulting curated sound map will be available for listening on Radio Aporee on World Listening Day (July 18) and will continue indefinitely.

World Listening Day is an annual global event produced this year on the theme The Collective Field. The theme for World Listening Day 2020 is from Katherine Krause of Wild Sanctuary.

"Current times have asked each of us, individually and in concert, to retreat, reflect, and rethink the world we thought we knew, but how do we respond? Energizing this shared global experience holds gifts of rejuvenation. Respect this momentary silence – but glean what it yields. The Collective Field invites you to express your recent journey through what was, what is, and what will be, evoked only by wandering into new territory. Stay silent until you know. Then speak. Share. Perform. How have you been transformed? We are all in the woods of a new age, and we’re listening to the future.” - Katherine Krause


No upcoming events programmed yet. Please check later for updates.