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Artists Bios

Ben Donoghue is a euro-settler background filmmaker and cultural worker living in Toronto. Working with Super 8 and 16mm film and field recordings his practice explores subcultures and resistance, macro-economic forces in landscape, and the edges of knowing. Past projects have included films of various durations for cinema, galleries, artist books, zines, and radio. Upcoming projects include features, a number of shorts, and research projects that engage with: landscape, folklore, underground music scenes, astronomy, anarchist communes, and reenactment.  
Véro Marengère is an emerging audiovisual artist and researcher based in Montreal. She creates artworks that evoke ecosophy and digital intimacy. Inspired by everyday objects, technological cultures, the digital divide phenomenon and human voice, her work takes a critical yet sensitive and playful approach to video and music making.
Laurel MacDonald & Phil Strong Singer, composer and video artist Laurel MacDonald and sound designer and composer Phil Strong have been combining talents since the 1990s. Their collaborations have included five CDs and many film and dance projects, most recently including music for Fujiwara Dance Inventions, Kaeja d’Dance and for the film documentary You Are Here. Ben Raynor wrote about the duo in NOW Magazine: “lilting, otherworldly vocal experiments and lush, complex arrangements... like the work of some avant-garde dream team”.
Julia White is a sculptor that creates dreamlike sculptural landscapes with her enigmatic abstract forms. She combines the raw beauty of nature with elements of light, sound and architecture, through a creative process that is uninhibited yet deliberately refined. Originally from Toronto, White received a BFA from Queen’s University, Kingston and a certificate from the Deep Listening Institute, NY, then followed her roots to a round house in the country near Walter’s Falls, ON, where she now lives on land with a creek and a forest of trees. https://www.juliawhite.ca/
Tansy Xiao is an independent curator and art writer, founder of Raincoat Society: a non-profit platform that features artists with fluid identities and uncategorizable backgrounds, in the hope of bringing equal opportunities to the underrecognized without cultural stereotypes. Traveled extensively prior to her relocation to New York, Xiao received her art education at hundreds of museums, on thousands of streets worldwide. She has therefore developed a focus on the multicultural and cross-disciplinary practice of art and literature in a global context.