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Artists Bios

Don Ritter has been active in the field of media art since 1988. Most of his works are video-sound installations and large projections controlled by music, voices or the body gestures of audiences. His interdisciplinary artworks and writings integrate art and digital media with aesthetics and ethics. Ritter held professorships in art and media at universities in Montreal, New York City, Seoul and Hong Kong after working as a telecommunications designer and researcher in Toronto and Ottawa. His work has been exhibited throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Website: http://www.aesthetic-machinery.com
Kelly Ruth has been activating her textiles and tools through using electronics and sound, and has been integrating microcontrollers into the foundations of her woven cloth. In performance she uses contact microphones and effects pedals on her weaving loom and other fibre-related tools in addition to light activated drone machines that she has built herself. She has created several bodies of work using weaving, felting and dyeing with plants, recognizing these as early technologies, and a relationship that humans have had with the land. Most recently she has been researching, creating, and performing in virtual worlds with her continued interest in humanities relationship to technology. Issue 130 of Musicworks Magazine profiled Kelly Ruth.
Jessica Thompson is a media artist working in sound, performance and mobile technologies. Her interactive artworks have shown at venues such as the International Symposium of Electronic Art (San Jose, Dubai, Vancouver), the Conflux Festival (New York), Thinking Metropolis (Copenhagen), Beyond/In Western New York (Buffalo), NIME (Oslo), Artists’ Walks (New York), Locus Sonus (Aix-en-Provence), the AGW Triennial (Windsor), InterACTION (Kitchener), HASTAC (Vancouver), Re:Sound (Aalborg), and Entorno Encuentro Exploración (Pamplona), The Politics of Sound (Lethbridge) and CAFKA (Kitchener). She has received grants from the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, and the Government of Ontario.