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From the Edge
By Teresa Connors
September 24 to December 21, 2020. Open 10am to 4 pm everyday except Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 106 Ottawa Ave, South River
Pay by Donation

From the Edge is an audiovisual installation that explores the environment of East Coast Newfoundland. The work is part of a series that expands on Connors’ use of environmental data-sets as an artistic device to create nonlinear artworks. The creative system is coded to live-stream data off the SmartAtlantic St. John's Buoy, located 1 KM offshore of Cape Spear, Newfoundland. The buoy is capable of measuring and transmitting a variety of atmospheric and surface conditions, including surface temperature, wind speed and direction, wave height, period and direction, and current speed and direction. From the Edge live-streams, then parses these data-sets to trigger and shift parameters of the audiovisual work, which continually evolves depending on the transmitted measurements. Embedded in the creative system are improvisational music files specifically created for this work, plus audiovisual material captured off this coast, with video artist Shannon Lynn Harris. This material, in turn, is randomly triggered, depending on the ocean data.