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NAISA is proud to launch a new series called Springscpaes which highlights the dramatic changes that take place in the natural soundscape of the Almaguin Highlands from winter to spring. The inaugural edition of 2020 features an International broadcast stream of dawn soundscapes from around the world as well as online meetups and a virtual concert performance.

The transformation of the natural soundscape from winter to spring is a distinguished feature of living in the Almaguin Highlands. NAISA’s new Springscapes series is inspired by this dramatic shift and provides artists with a context within which to engage in the creation of art works that not only focus on natural sounds but expresses this transformation in insightful ways.” – Darren Copeland, Artistic Director, New Adventures in Sound Art.

Springscapes 2020 Events

Live-streaming Soundscape Meetups

April 15, 18 and 22. Optional $10 Donation.
RSVP for host site information.

NAISA and Sound Camp are hosting online meetups designed to prepare those interested in participating in the upcoming Reveil Dawn soundscape broadcast on May 2-3, 2020.


May 2 to 3, 2020. Broadcast info at Sound Camp.

NAISA is inviting Canadians to participate in an online live broadcast of their local dawn soundscape and share this with an international community. The broadcast is produced by Soundcamp for Reveil: a live, mobile survey of planetary soundscapes lasting one earth day and tracking the sunrise west from microphone to microphone. It begins at 5 am in London (UTC +1) on May 2, traveling the globe until reaching London again at 6 am on May 3. The Reveil schedule will bring together microphones located in open windows, rooftops, gardens, forests and underwater as well as electromagnetic sites. The broadcast works with the Locus Sonus network to share sounds, ecologies and atmospheres as part of an emerging Acoustic Commons.

Gesture and Transformation

May 30, 8 pm. Optional $10 Donation.
RSVP for host site information.

A concert of interactive electroacoustic soundscapes by guest composer David Eagle from Calgary. The concert will feature the premiere of Tactus for solo cello and interactive soundscapes performed by North Bay cellist Jordan Wyshniowsky.