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Springscapes is a presentation series that takes inspiration from a special time in the local soundscape in the Almaguin Highlands. Highlights in 2022 include the return of the in-person Soundscape Intensive Weekend with special guest artist Hector Centeno, participation in the citizen-led 24 hour broadcast Reveil, which circles the globe with dawn chorus soundscapes from every time zone on Earth, and finally, Ellen Waterman’s spring-summer series of workshops called Bodily Listening in Place which will explore accessibile approaches to acoustic ecology.

The transformation of the natural soundscape from winter to spring is a distinguished feature of living in the Almaguin Highlands. NAISA’s new Springscapes series is inspired by this dramatic shift and provides artists with a context within which to engage in the creation of art works that not only focus on natural sounds but expresses this transformation in insightful ways.” – Darren Copeland, Artistic Director, New Adventures in Sound Art.