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Past Installations

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Installations presented on 2018

Sound Machines, an exhibition of kinetic sculptures by Steven White
By Steven White
June 3 – September 3, 2018, Thursday to Monday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 106 Ottawa Ave, South River
This exhibition by multi-media artist Steven White from Walter's Falls, Ontario includes three interactive kinetic sound sculptures. They are made from a variety of found objects that are re-worked and un-designed to function in ways that are quite unlike their original function. Viewer interaction is a key component in these works that raise questions about obsolescence and the struggle between technology and nature.
Steven White is a multi-media artist from Walter's Falls, ON. His work engages viewers with interactive components while raising questions about obsolescence and the struggle between technology and nature. White has had solo shows throughout Ontario and group shows in Canada and USA. He has received multiple grants from the OAC and Canada Council and has received significant media attention from Canadian Art, Discovery Channel, CBC, Toronto Star, The Atlantic, MAKE Magazine and Utne Reader. White's work is held in many private and corporate collections throughout Canada and USA.
Re-Collect / Re-Told: Your Stories of New And Old
June 3 – September 3, 2018, Thurs to Monday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 106 Ottawa Ave, South River
NAISA wants to hear your voice – the voice of your children and the voice of your parents and grandparents. All of these voices are combined in this interactive exhibit with historic photos of South River to tell the story of our community and our place in the Near North.
Psychoactive Listening
By Aaron Labbé
July 14, 2018, drop in between 12 pm and 4 pm
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 106 Ottawa Ave, South River
Pay by donation (suggested $10)
Lounge outdoors as you listen to binaural ‘Psychoactive Music' composed by Aaron Labbé. The music you will hear will be created live through algorithmic responses to your real-time EEG data.

I. Psychoactive Music by Aaron Labbé
"Psychoactive Music" is an interactive music composition that results in a completely binaural/three dimensional auditory experience that infuses various personalized neurological triggers within carefully constructed music in order to evoke a "dream-like" meditative experience. In performance, users wear noise-cancelling headphones and an EEG reader and audio content is live-mixed/outputted in real-time. Live composition decisions are made algorithmically based on the user's real-time EEG data and are rendered in a carefully engineered method, designed to provide what each user needs in order to reach the targeted mental state.
Aaron Labbé is an Intermedia Artist based in Toronto, Canada. The driving-force of his work includes concepts drawn from the topics of mental health, empathy, the psyche and explorations of human consciousness. His specialities include interactive experience design, data visualization, experimental music practices, spatial sound design and autonomous systems.
Moving Sounds
July 28, 2018, 8:00 pm to 2:00 am
Nuit Blanche North, Huntsville

Moving Sounds is a curated program of sound art works for Nuit Blanche North in Huntsville. Audience members will manipulate a sensor-based system in order to move sound art works around the listening space. The works on the program have been selected from previous NAISA events and include Emotion Machine by Donika Rudi, Redo Speaking Song by Debashis Sinha, Urban Gardens by Pierre-Luc Senécal, ecologie materielle by Adam Basanta, Frozen Voyagers by Ambrose Field and Bora by Vanessa Sorce-Lévesque.

I. Emotion Machine by Donika Rudi
Donika Rudi is an Albanian composer of instrumental and acousmatic music. She finished her postgraduate studies in Royal Conservatory of Mons with Annette V. Gorne. Her compositions have been broadcast on Radio Spain, France Musique, Dutch National Radio, and Portugese National Radio.She has served as Artistic Director of the International Festival “ReMusica” Prishtina, since 2010.
II. Redo Speaking Song by Debashis Sinha
The only sound source of the work is the human voice that speaks, cries, shouts, sings. Emotional crisis. Explosion, anger, surprise. Tension. Different images that come and go, approach, leave, deform and transform quickly and concisely. Each image shows, expresses an emotion but in the end, all are connected, sometimes also parallel, followed by a mass, number of layers, memories, from the past to the present, then from the present to the future. Schizophrenia. Hysteria. Madness. Fear. It’s machine, which produces emotion, a mechanism in destruction.
III. Urban Gardens by Pierre-Luc Senécal
Urban Gardens was composed with recordings from a trip in Europe, where one can discover public gardens, as well as their urban equivalent: airports, train stations, malls, etc. I was inspired by the inexhaustible energy of those objects and locations, in stark contrast to the twenty World War 2 museums and memorials that I’ve visited.
IV. Ecologie Materielle by Adam Basanta
Between the natural enviroment and the consumer product derived from it (paper/plastic/wrappers/foil) lies a sonic and metaphoric continuum. Within this scope, I expore variations on the themes of extraction and re-depostion between opposing sound-images, investigating an evolving musical interplay between the ecological organiation of characteristics of each sound world.
V. Frozen Voyagers by Ambrose Field
Frozen Voyagers is a fleeting vision of a time and place where people have become isolated from each other. Ephemeral moments zoom past the listener at high speed, whilst time appears static. Our media and communications structures feed us constant information each day, we must fight to remain from being frozen by this information. What results here is part hyper-real portrait of human activity, in a time and space where action and ideas happen at accelerated speed.
VI. Bora by Vanessa Sorce-Lévesque
“Bora” is inspired by a catabatic wind of the Adriatic sea, the bora. Elaborated with many sounds from different travels around Europe, and South America in the year of 2011. «Travel is like a wind: you run off, and come home as if a squall had taken over your life.
WAVES Playground and Table Piece
Presented for Culture Days
By Petra Dubach and Mario van Horrik
September 28 – 30, 2018, Friday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 106 Ottawa Ave, South River
The Culture Days presentation at NAISA North Media Arts Centre features two interactive works ‘WAVES Playground’ and ‘Table Piece’ by Dutch multi-disciplinary artists Petra Dubach and Mario van Horrik. The interactive audio-visual experience will teach you how sound travels through space and different materials. Fun for the entire family! Dubach and van Horrik are a Dutch multi-disciplinary media art duo that have been combining movement, sound and architecture in every thinkable way since 1983.

The presentation of Dutch multi-disciplinary sound art duo Petra Dubach and Mario van Horrik at NAISA is supported by a financial contribution from the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Toronto. The Sunday presentation includes a free artist talk at 1:30 pm.
Petra Dubach and Mario van Horrik are a Dutch multi-disciplinary sound art duo that have been working together since 1983. Their work combines movement, sound and architecture in every thinkable way: concerts, installations, performances, in situ projects and graphic works as well. Both artists are the co-founders of Antarctica multi-media group that performed in Europe from 1987-1992. In 2010 Petra and Mario started their research project WAVES where they investigate the artistic possiblities of creating subsonic feedback, vibration feedback, double feedback and combined feedback systems. Besides that they make projects that translate one medium into another medium: e.g. timetables of public transportation into musical scores.
Biidaaban: First Light, a virtual reality film
Produced by The National Film Board of Canada
By Lisa Jackson, Mathew Borrett and Jam3
October 4 – November 25, 2018, Thursday to Monday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 106 Ottawa Ave, South River
An interactive virtual reality film directed by Lisa Jackson, 3D art by Mathew Borrett and produced by NFB.

A large urban city is flooded. Its infrastructure has merged with the local fauna; mature trees grow through cracks in the sidewalks and vines cover south-facing walls. People commute via canoe and grow vegetables on skyscraper roofs. Urban life is thriving.

Rooted in the realm of Indigenous futurism, Biidaaban: First Light is an interactive VR time-jump into a highly realistic—and radically different—Toronto of tomorrow. As users explore this altered city now reclaimed by nature, they must think about their place in history and ultimately their role in the future.

Language carries the knowledge of its speakers. Indigenous North American languages are radically different from European languages and embody sets of relationships to the land, to each other, and to time itself. But as Indigenous languages face the risk of disappearing, we risk losing what they have to teach us.

Biidaaban: First Light asks users to think about their place in history and their role in a possible future. As they move through a highly realistic future Toronto reclaimed by nature, they hear the languages of the place originally known as Tkaronto. Through gaze-based interactions, users engage with the written text of the Wendat, Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) and Anishinaabe (Ojibway) and gain insight into the complex thought systems of this land’s first peoples.

The VR environment was created using to-scale architectural models of Toronto’s Osgoode subway station and the buildings surrounding Nathan Phillips Square.

Lisa Jackson (Anishinaabe) is one of Canada’s most celebrated contemporary artists working in film and VR. In Biidaaban: First Light, Lisa joins forces with 3D artist Mathew Borrett to create a future for Canada’s largest urban centre from an Indigenous female perspective.

This presentation of Biidaaban: First Light would not be possible without the generous support and production of the National Film Board.
Lisa Jackson - Anishinaabe director Lisa Jackson’s award-winning fiction and documentary films have screened widely at festivals such as Berlin, Hot Docs, SXSW and London BFI. Her work has also aired on many networks in Canada and earned her a Genie Award (Canada’s Oscar®). Lisa’s upcoming projects include an IMAX film and more traditional film and TV work. Visit her website. Photo by Michael Labre.
Mathew Borrett creates rich environments using digital and traditional media. His work can be seen on film and TV, and recently in virtual reality experiences as well. Mathew’s home city of Toronto often serves as the inspiration for his work.