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Upcoming Installations

Story Trees
By Don Hill
Online at storytrees.ca

STORY TREES is an interactive installation that serves as a tool for listening & learning -- how we listen -- to echoes from an era that is open to reinterpretation.

While digitizing old reel-to-reel oral history interviews, Don Hill was surprised by how things were said at the time in northern Ontario. It wasn’t the content of the conversations that first caught his ear; it was the little asides, the nuanced bits of intonation, inflections of speech, as if northern Ontario had a different dialect way back when. As the towns and the province grew in population, he heard a shift in the patter. He also heard something - an emergent literary voice, a kind of wisdom - that wasn’t accounted for by words alone.

The work can be experienced online at storytrees.ca.


Recordings & Interactive Design: Don & Anne Hill
Digital Coding Consultation: Kyle Elliot Mathewson
Responsive Architecture Consultation: Jim Ruxton
Voices (1975): Sam Allen, Russell Brown, Bernard Clay, Dorthea Coates, Art Lees, Buzz Lein, Viola Moody, Don Parrott and Diana Taft

Produced with Support from the Canada Council for the Arts

Don Hill Sound artist & designer, writer, broadcaster, musician and interactive media producer, Don Hill is a former national host of CBC Radio One’s Tapestry. His newest work STORY TREES is a modified ‘responsive architecture’ & interactive online exhibition. Don’s prior investigation of psychoacoustics of ‘place’ inspired his augmented reality app Edmonton Soundwalks, a 3D audio guide for mobile phones. Special Places: Writing-On- Stone is an immersive 360 video presentation that scales from full-dome screens to VR (virtual reality) headsets. In residency with the UK’s renowned Blast Theory he made WRGO (what’s really going on), a surreal 3D audio narrative.
My Place Here and Now (Who am I Today?)
By Sandy McLennan
May 1 to June 14, 2021 (outdoor exhibition open during daylight hours, indoor exhibition open Thur-Mon 10 am to 4 pm)
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 106 Ottawa Ave, South River

Port Sydney photographer and filmmaker Sandy McLennan has created a new interactive installation from workshops with students from the South River Public School. It can be experienced after May 1 outside on the porch windows of the NAISA North Media Arts Centre and (when COVID health restrictions permit) inside the gallery.

"A year goes by and cognizance changes: feeling negative and positive, screws coming loose. The photo and sound images displayed here and now give a chance to consider the time we’ve been through and the time we are in.

I started working with South River Public School Grade 7 students over a year ago – they built their own cardboard pinhole cameras and created black & white photo images in my portable darkroom. Then everything changed. Today we have photograms (camera-less images created in the darkroom), negatives exposed in cardboard pinhole cameras and contact prints (reverse images of the above) made by the students in March 2020 and sound and images created by myself just in time for this exhibition.

Looking at the window glass, you will see a reflection of South River going by: ongoing change where the present is behind you. Now change focus to see behind the glass: reach out and bring your hand close to the photos and the past comes alive with sound. You can almost touch it! Any photograph or audio recording is an image of the past and these merge with the present in a window to the world." - Sandy McLennan

New Adventures in Sound Art would like to thank the Ontario Arts Council for supporting the workshop component of this presentation.