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WATER Shadows
By Julia White
September 26 to December 13, 2021 Thursday to Monday, 10am – 4pm
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 106 Ottawa Ave, South River
Pay by Donation
WATER Shadows is an installation of sound sculptures that celebrates water, featuring field recordings of watery soundscapes in the artist’s community. As one moves through the ‘water temple’ complex of steel sculptures wrapped in discarded bicycle inner tubes, the unique sound ecology of each water-recording site is experienced as one continuous flow. Boundaries are dissolved as the raw recordings of both natural and machine-made sounds blend together.

Using Arduino micro-controllers and speakers inside the works, the voice of water is amplified, allowing it to speak for itself. In this way, WATER Shadows opens a dialogue that encourages the benign and beautiful symbiotic relationship between nature and society.

WATER Shadows in essence, is a sanctuary of sorts, a sculptural landscape in which to tune to the wild currents within ourselves and our world. Deep listening is encouraged here, as Hermann Hesse writes, “They both listened silently to the water, which to them was not just water, but the voice of life, the voice of Being, the voice of perpetual Becoming.”

"Water Shadows was inspired by an experience I had with the element water in the deep silence of winter." Below is a sketch and voice recording by the artist describing the inspiration behind WATER Shadows.

Julia White is a sculptor that creates dreamlike sculptural landscapes with her enigmatic abstract forms. She combines the raw beauty of nature with elements of light, sound and architecture, through a creative process that is uninhibited yet deliberately refined. Originally from Toronto, White received a BFA from Queen’s University, Kingston and a certificate from the Deep Listening Institute, NY, then followed her roots to a round house in the country near Walter’s Falls, ON, where she now lives on land with a creek and a forest of trees. https://www.juliawhite.ca/
An Invitation: The Web Water Portal
for the WATER Shadows Installation

Julia White invites you to participate in the WATER Shadows exhibition at NAISA by sharing your own personal reflections on water and why it is important to you. Unique to this exhibition at NAISA, sonic water offerings are being gathered. The recording device on the water obelisk is the gathering vessel, ready to receive your contributions.

Name a watery place that is special to you, sound it out, sing it, tell a story, recount a dream, offer an idea or a poem. Each one will be collected as an essential part of the exhibit, digitally archived and made available online in the Web Water Portal: http://www.juliawhite.ca/water-shadows-south-river

Any and all contributions are welcome!

You may also upload your own sonic water offerings! Simply scroll the window below to view further instructions:


Recordings & Interactive Design: Don & Anne Hill
Digital Coding Consultation: Kyle Elliot Mathewson
Responsive Architecture Consultation: Jim Ruxton
Voices (1975): Sam Allen, Russell Brown, Bernard Clay, Dorthea Coates, Art Lees, Buzz Lein, Viola Moody, Don Parrott and Diana Taft

Produced with Support from the Canada Council for the Arts

Don Hill is a sound artist & designer, writer, broadcaster, musician and interactive media producer, as well as a former national host of CBC Radio One’s Tapestry. His newest work STORY TREES is a modified ‘responsive architecture’ & interactive online exhibition. Don’s prior investigation of psychoacoustics of ‘place’ inspired his augmented reality app Edmonton Soundwalks, a 3D audio guide for mobile phones. Special Places: Writing-On- Stone is an immersive 360 video presentation that scales from full-dome screens to VR (virtual reality) headsets. In residency with the UK’s renowned Blast Theory he made WRGO (what’s really going on), a surreal 3D audio narrative.