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NAISA Sound Channel
Newsletter for June 2018 (Vol.13; Iss. 6)
Produced by New Adventures in Sound Art

1) NAISA 2018 Call for Submissions Off The Beat(en) Track deadline June 4th
2) June Arts Meetups
3) Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art June 3 - Sept 3, 2018
4) Summer long Exhibitions
5) Sound Travels Concerts June 30 - Sept 1
6) Sound Travels August Children and Youth Workshops

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1) 2018 Call For Submissions OFF THE BEAT(EN) TRACK
Deadline: June 4, 2018

Categories: Transmission Art/Radio Art, Electroacoustic Music/Sound Art, Interactive Installation Art, and Other
Go to https://naisa.ca/opportunities/calls-for-submissions/naisa-general-call-for-submissions/ for full information and the on-line application.

New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) invites artists of all ages and nationalities to submit works on the theme Off The Beat(en) Track for consideration in New Adventures in Sound Art’s 2019 programming.

A year ago, NAISA staff and its board of directors decided to move the organization from Toronto to the Village of South River, ON - very much Off the Beaten Track. For its 2019 programming, NAISA is interested in submissions that address the ideas related to the theme Off The Beat(en) Track and creative ways that this can be shared.

Preference in programming will be given to works that respond in some way to the theme Off The Beat(en) Track. Individual interpretations or variations on the theme are encouraged, but should be realized with sound as the primary component. NAISA would also like to encourage artists to submit works on the theme for performance, interactive installation exhibit, audio-visual screening, radio or internet broadcast, telematics, VR/gaming, mobile experiences and any other emerging or alternative formats that include sound as a primary element. Please complete in full the online submission form and upload your audio by midnight on June 4, 2018. Note: there is a $5 submission fee in order to defray the cost of processing the submissions. All works chosen for presentation will receive an artist fee. Only those artists being considered for presentation will be contacted.

2) June Arts Meetups - Free
NAISA North Media Arts Centre
106 Ottawa Avenue, South River, ON

June 3 @ 1:30pm
Exhibition Opening Artist Talk with Steven White

Steven White will explain how he creates kinetic sound sculptures from discarded industrial materials. He will introduce you to the three works included in his Sound Machines exhibit running at NAISA until September 3.

June 10 @ 1:30pm
Artist in the Garden with Brenda Scott

South River artist Brenda Scott is known for her encaustic artworks that incorporate found objects and organic materials. Brenda also designs herbal and edible forest gardens. In this presentation you will learn about how these two sides of her creative life are intertwined.

June 17 @ 1:30pm
Art Fix for Healthy Communities

Art Fix is a collective of artists with lived experience of mental health and substance use issues in the Nipissing region. Join new Director, Lindsay Sullivan, and core members in a conversation about improving our communities in and through art. Come ready to make some noise!

3) Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art 20th Anniversary!
June 3 - September 3, 2018
NAISA North Media Arts Centre
106 Ottawa Avenue, South River, ON

NAISA is proud to present its 20th anniversary edition of the Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art exclusively at the NAISA North Media Arts Centre in South River, ON. The festival is adopting a new format to celebrate 20 years of sound adventures by presenting 10 consecutive Saturday night performances of sound art in addition to a youth sound art summer camp and a summer-long exhibition of kinetic sound sculptures by Steven White.

“For this special 20th anniversary edition, we will be including works that focus on the theme ‘Sonic Reflections,’ bringing together artists from many disciplines to reflect as well as explore the possibilities of sound as potential material for shaping and molding experiences, adding a transformative element that deepens and sharpens our attention to the world around us.” - Darren Copeland, Artistic Director, New Adventures in Sound Art

4) Sound Travels Exhibition - FREE
June 3 - September 3, 2018
NAISA North Media Arts Centre
106 Ottawa Avenue, South River, ON

Sound Machines, an exhibition by Steven White
June 3 to Sep 3 Thurs-Mon 10 am to 4 pm

This exhibition includes three interactive kinetic sound sculptures made from a variety of found objects that are re-worked and un-designed to function in ways that are quite unlike their original function. Viewer interaction is a key component in these thought-provoking works that engage the senses.

Re-Collect / Re-Told Your Stories of New and Old
June 3 to Sep 3 Thurs-Mon 10 am to 4 pm

NAISA is presenting a collection of stories as told by children, parents and grandparents in the region in this interactive exhibit matched with historic photos of South River to tell the story of our community and our place in the Near North. Come add your voice to the mix!

5) Sound Travels Concerts - $10
June 30 - September 1, 2018
NAISA North Media Arts Centre
106 Ottawa Avenue, South River, ON

Advance Concert Tickets - https://naisa.ca/purchase-tickets/

June 30 @ 7 pm Ambient Tones and Dreams - with Jason Brock
North Bay artist Jason Brock performs his cycle of pieces ”expressed in Ambient Tones - Songs, Soundscapes and Dreams" using the 12 String (Grand) Chapman Stick Touchboard controlling a Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer.

July 7 @ 7 pm ‘Rock’ Concert for the Cave
Enjoy a concert of electronic works inspired by Crystals in honour of the new Crystal Cave museum in South River. Listen in surround sound to works by Maggi Payne, Stéphane Roy, and Michael Obst.

July 14 @ 12 - 4 pm Psychoactive Music
Lounge outdoors as you listen to binaural ‘Psychoactive Music' composed by Aaron Labbé. The music you will hear will be created live through algorithmic responses to your real-time EEG data.

July 21 @ 7 pm World Listening Day Concert
Celebrate World Listening Day by coming to see/hear a concert of works that explore sounds from everyday life. Included will be a series of works entitled Seeing Sound by Victoria Fenner and Stefan Rose as well as simplesoundscapes by Claude Schryer.

July 28 @ 7 pm Alexis O’Hara in Performance
Alexis O'Hara returns to NAISA after the success of the SQUEEEEQUE exhibition to deliver a solo performance entitled City of Sighs — in the form of a living dynamic sound sculpture, she embodies wordless stories, a meditation of fear and longing.

Aug 4 @ 7 pm Micro and Macro - Concert of works by Ana Dall’Ara-Majek and Takuto Fukudo
This concert includes a work dedicated to insects, small arthropods and microorganisms entitled Nano-Cosmos by Montreal composer Ana Dall’Ara Majek, and an improvisational performance by Ana Dall’Ara Majek and Takuto Fukuda as their duo blablaTrains.

Aug 11 @ 7 pm Sonic Spaces Concert with Sherry Ostapovich
Sherry Ostapovich presents a new soundscape work in a program of international works by Barry Truax, Pete Stollery and Bird-Renoult that evoke impressions of interesting-sounding spaces such as factories, breweries, distilleries, canal boats and ships.

Aug 18 @ 7 pm Strings in the Digital Age
Cellist Jordan Wyshniowsky from the North Bay Symphony performs in a concert that reflects different ideas of 21st Century string music in the era of the digital recording studio. Included on the programme are works by world renowned composers Paul Dolden, Robert Normandeau and Karen Tanaka.

August 25 @ 7 pm Modular Tribute
A concert reflecting on the anti-digital retro movement of analog modular synths featuring performance by Burk’s Falls Andrew Farnsworth and a tribute to the late Richard Lainhart.

Sep 1 @ 7 pm Reflections of a Drummer
How does a drummer perceive the world of sound? Elements of new media and radio storytelling are combined by Richard C. Windeyer with guest Cameron McKittrick in order to create a portrait of a drummer's perception of sound.

6) Sound Travels Children & Youth Workshops - $75
NAISA North Media Arts Centre
106 Ottawa Avenue, South River, ON

Aug 14-17 (1 - 4 pm) Sound As Art Camp for Kids (ages 8-11)
Children will learn how to produce and discover unusual sounds using found materials, portable recorders and computers to create a sound art performance.

Aug 21 - 24 (1 - 4 pm) Sound As Art Camp for Youth (ages 12-15)
Youth will learn digital recording and editing skills as well as how to produce and discover unusual sounds using found materials, to create their own sound art compositions and performances.

New Adventures in Sound Art is a non-profit organization that presents performances and installations spanning the entire spectrum of sound art. NAISA is partially funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts and the SOCAN Foundation.

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