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piece for objects found in the street realizations

Piece for objects found in the street by Anne-F Jacques is an instructional text score composed for Art’s Birthday in January 2021. A series of workshops on sound recording and editing hosted by New Adventures in Sound Art facilitated some of the realizations of the score.

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Piece for Objects Found in the Street by Anne-F Jacques

Piece for Objects Found in the Street by Ryoko A.

realised by Ryoko Akama on 10th January
objects collected between Almondbury Village and Huddersfield town in the midst of national lock down 2021.

tronti coffee cup long grass -piece for objects found in the street by meesh.elle

“on my walk, i picked up a book from the library (Tronti’s Workers and Capital), a coffee (cup+lid) and a long dry piece of grass.”

Sounds from a can – Art’s Birthday by APickard

Based on a text score by Anne-F Jacques as part of Art’s Birthday 2021 with NAISA. Sounds recorded with mics inside a tin can and open placement. Found objects. Post production – noise reduction only, no effects, no EQ, no compression.

o.t. (pour Anne – F.) by auvikogue

Music Concrete, Noise, Minimal. For Art’s 1 000 058th birthday and Anne-F

Realization of Anne-F Jacques’ “Piece for objects found in the Street” by Darren Copeland

Realization of a text score by Anne-F Jacques for Art’s Birthday 2021. The text score required one to use a take out coffee cup and lid over top of a microphone or portable audio recorder – in a sense, taking the place of a contact microphone. I didn’t have a paper coffee cup on hand so I used a portable coffee thermos. The last part of the score asks to open the window or door, allowing some outside sound in. However, the day of the recording the sound ambience was very quiet – mid-winter in the country. So this last part is difficult to discern other than the playing of the objects is captured through air transmission rather than through the material of an object such as coffee thermos.