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Web Projects

Created by Don Sinclair the Mississauga Sound Maps was created by residents with recordings of environmental sounds around the City of Missisauga. The Mississauga Sound Map was premiered during Arts’s Birthday 2008.

Created by Don Sinclair with sounds collected during the “Hear here” youth workshop. “Toronto Island Sound Map” is both an on-line and a gallery installation that uses a map of Toronto Island as an organizational tool and visual interface for visitors to trigger, mix together and compare different Toronto Island sounds. The audio component of this new media work consists of short soundscape compositions created during the “Hear here” workshop in which notions of representation and portraiture in sound art were explored in the compositions made by the participating youth in June 2004. The “Hear here” workshop was taught by New Adventures in Sound Art’s artistic director Darren Copeland and co-produced with Charles Street Video, and the Power Plant gallery.

“Around Radio Roadmovies” by Christian Calon, Chantal Dumas and Don Sinclair. A web interactive installation based on soundscapes and images collected during Dumas and Calon’s cross-Canada trip for their work Radio Road Movies.


A sound map of the soundscapes of the Wychwood neighbourhood in Toronto which was the home of the NAISA Space at the Artscape Wychwood Barns from 2009 to 2015.