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What is a SOUNDwalk? In a SOUNDwalk, the listening “audience” moves through a place and the environment “performs.” The walking listener and the environment create a unique piece together that can only occur during the time of the walk. In a SOUNDwalk we take the time to hear the environment: we are its true ear witnesses. And like any musician, the environment offers us its sounds for our consideration.

NAISA commemorates World Listening Day and the birthday of R. Murray Schafer each year with SOUNDwalks.

World Listening Day Soundwalk
July 18 @ 7 pm
Warbler’s Roost, 3785D Eagle Lake Road, South River
General $12, Advance Registration Required

NAISA's contribution to World Listening Day 2023 on July 18 begins at 7 pm with a SOUNDwalk which will explore the mid-summer soundscape of Deer Lake in Lount Township (22 KM west of South River). The soundwalk will be followed by a screening of "Listening (with Hildegard Westerkamp)" by filmmakers Mike Hoolboom and Heather Frise along with Accidental Wilderness by media and sound artist Alëna Korolëva.
Soundwalk - Human-generated sounds and Insect sounds
Aug 15 @ 7 pm
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 313 Highway 124, South River
General $12, Advance Registration Required

As the soundwalk on July 18 focused on the sounds of birds and other animals this one in August will consider human generated sounds and the sounds of insects. Using an improvisatory exploration of the exhibition at NAISA as a starting point, the soundwalk will consider how the layout of South River shapes its acoustic character and how the natural areas accessible to the village have changed since the spring.