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NAISA General Call Submission Form

Submission No.: 3029

Submission Entry Form

1. Name of applicant:
2. Contact Information of Applicant:
a) Street Address
b) City
c) Province/State
d) Country
e) Postal Code
f) Phone Number
g) e-mail
h) Web url
3. Category of Submission (check one only per work):
Transmission/Radio Art Sound Art/Electroacoustic Music Interactive Installation Art Other
4. Summary:
a) Title:
b) Names of creator(s):
c) Names of other contributors:
d) Authors and titles of any third-party works referenced in your submission:
e) Duration (approximate or fixed, leave in zeros if doesn\'t apply):
minutes seconds
f) Year of completion:
g) Has the work been presented before? If so, when and by whom?
5. Technical Information:
a) Equipment used to create the work:
b) Equipment and other items required to present your work (please indicate items that the applicant is prepared to provide and where relevant include a ground plan for ideal spatial layout in venue):
c) For installation works, is it acceptable to move the work during non-exhibition days and to reset it again for exhibition days?
Yes No
d) For multichannel acousmatic works, please attach a diagram of track names and their corresponding speaker positions with your submission materials. Please also include a stereo version of the entire work for reference.
e) If you are not a Canadian artist, please indicate if you have access to any travel funding from your country, region, municipality or affiliated associations or institutions:
Yes No
f) Do you fully own the copyright to your work:
Yes No
If not please give us any additional personnel or organizations that we should contact in order to get permission to broadcast, present or publish the work (i.e., publishers, radio producers, contributing authors, etc.):
6. Programme Information:
a) Relevance of the work to the current theme (50 words):
b) Programme note for the work (50 words):
c) Biography of the creator(s) (50 words per creator):
7. Other Information:
a) Are you a Canadian Citizen or a Canadian Permanent Resident?
Yes No
b) New Adventures in Sound Art produces programming for online audio streaming at NAISA Radio. Would you give NAISA permissions to broadcast your submitted audio work(s) on NAISA produced programs for online streaming?
Yes No
c) If you would like to apply to be included in one of NAISA’s four Artist Residencies, please click this box (see info below):
Yes No
NAISA’s spatialization system is a unique 16-channel performance system for spatialization that combines real-time gestural control with automated spatialization and also the manual manipulation of ultra-directional loudspeakers. If you would like to apply work with NAISA’s technical staff for one-week in order to adapt your radio art, sound art or ea work to NAISA’s unique spatialization system, click on the appropriate box on the application. Note NAISA will be awarding four artists with this residency opportunity. Each residency will include a small stipend, access to NAISA’s spatialization system for a one-week period, mentoring with NAISA’s technical staff and an honorarium once the work is presented. Travel will be the responsibility of the artists. However, NAISA will provide letters of support as needed. Once the residency has been completed, the artist’s work will be included in a Toronto Artist Salon and programmed again later in the year in one of NAISA’s concerts.
8. Payment information (credit card only):

Total payable:


Name on Card
Card Number
Security Code
Expiry date

9. Documentation submission:
With the exception of web work that resides online, work documentation must be submitted as part of your online submission (or if you prefer by post). For works that reside on the web please give the full web url and other instructions in item 5b above.
Plese select which method you will be using:
Post Online

To submit online: Carefuly follow the instructions below to upload your work documentation.

File name requirements:
- Please name all your documents and audio files with last name (or group name), and one word from the title followed by the file suffix. Please only use letters and numbers without any spaces (use underscores instead of spaces). For example, Surname_naisapiece.mp3. Also, please do not send files larger than 500 MB in size.

To submit your files:
1) Select all your files one by one by pressing the "Choose File" button (or "Browse" if you are using Firefox). To remove a wrongly selected file, click on the [X] located on the right side of the file before proceeding to the next step.
2) Press the "Upload" button. Make sure you have added all the needed files. You won\'t be able to submit more files once you press the Upload button. During the upload, press the [+] button located at the left of the progress bar to view details of the upload progress.
3) If the uploading progress bar stops moving for long time, press "Stop Upload" and try again.
4) If you get an error message, please try again.

For any technical difficutlies or assistance using this upload system, please contact the webmaster at: web@naisa.ca. We will provide with information for an alternative FTP upload if you are unable to upload through this system.

To submit by post: At the top of this page you will find a submission number. Please include this submission number and your name, with a CD or DVD of your work to be submitted by post to:

New Adventures in Sound Art
P.O. Box 335 - 106 Ottawa Avenue
South River, ON P0A 1X0

Please indicate bellow which format you are sending.
Audio CD DVD movie Data CD/DVD
10. Finalize submission:

After having verified all the information in this form and having finished uploading your work documentation (if you chose to do so), please click the "Submit" button bellow to conclude your submission.