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NAISA Radio broadcasts radio art 24/7 from the NAISA North Media Arts Centre in South River, Ontario, Canada.

You can listen on this page or insert one of these links into your favourite player.



Program Start Time End Time Description
Radio Art Live 00:00 02:00

NAISA digs into its performance archives going back to 2001 to share performances by Canadian and international artists that have performed at NAISA in Toronto and South River.

Cross Waves 02:00 07:00 Cross Waves is a Canadian Sound Art series of internet radio programs curated by eight media artists representing various regional and cultural perspectives in Canada. Editions are curated by Chantal Dumas, Steve Bates, Peter Courtemanche, Janna Graham, Christof Migone, and Anna Friz.
Making Waves 07:00 8:00 Making Waves is a monthly radio show about sound art produced by New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) for WGXC Wave Farm.  The show often features artist interviews and archival NAISA performances from South River, Ontario and Toronto. Visit the show web page for archives.
Off The Beaten Track 08:00 00:00

A playlist of Canadian and International radio art curated by NAISA Artistic Director Darren Copeland on the theme Off the Beaten Track.

All programs are subject to being pre-empted by NAISA’s live performances and artist talks. Explore the website for information on these events.