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Past Performances

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Performances presented on 2023

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony and Re-Opening on Art's Birthday
January 17, 2023, 1:00 pm
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 313 Highway 124, South River, Ontario

New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony on January 17 to celebrate the opening of its exhibition space and café at its new location at 313 Highway 124 in South River Ontario.   This will take place in conjunction with the annual international Art’s Birthday celebration and will include an outdoor performance on NAISA’s Decomposing Piano installation.  There is also an exhibition indoors - Tree Earth Sky and The Sound of Tree Rings.

“We are very excited to be re-opening in our newly renovated and accessible gallery and café and to welcome visitors back to experience media art. We have an indoor exhibition as well as an outdoor installation and our internet café with seating will once again allow for many community connections and art-inspired conversations. 

New Adventures in Sound Art’s staff and board of directors are very grateful for the funding received from the NOHFC that contributed towards the upgrades of NAISA’s new facilities.  We are also thankful for the many donations received from supporters far and wide that contributed towards the purchase of this new location.  This combined support will have a lasting contribution to the future vitality of NAISA as a media arts organization as well as to South River’s community as a whole." — Nadene Thériault-Copeland, Executive Director, New Adventures in Sound Art

Indoor and Outdoor Exhibitions

Tree Earth Sky by Wild Empathy is a VR experience that invites visitors to look and listen to the underground mycelium network and its connected old-growth grove of trees on Vancouver Island, in 8K definition with ambisonic audio.  The Sound of Tree Rings by Simon Lysander Overstall is a generative musical work composed from the tree rings of a ‘tree cookie’ originating from an old growth cedar tree in Stanley Park (Xwayxway) downed in the windstorm of 2006.

The Decomposing Piano installation is a semi-permanent outdoor installation exploring the effects of the Northern Ontario climate on an upright piano. A ruined piano is a piano left outside in a natural environment for an extended period of time (see https://bolleter.wixsite.com/warpsmusic for further insights). With the gradual "decomposition" of the piano over time, new sounds will be uncovered with the aid of contact microphones and subtle forms of material born amplification. Through its entire decomposition process, the public is invited to play the piano and experience its transformation over the next year to 2 years.