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Cross Canada by Train
By Andra McCartney
May 3, 2019, 7:00 pm
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 106 Ottawa Ave, South River
General $10, Advanced Tickets.
A soundscape concert with two works by Andra McCartney that were both created from radio and soundscape recordings made during cross-Canada train trips fifteen years apart. The more recent trip passed through the wild fires in British Columbia last year and from that experience McCartney invites listeners to reflect on the impact of climate change.

Free Admission for Sound Camp Soundscape Workshop participants.

Photo Credit: Todd Parkington

I. Canada Train Radio 1 by Andra McCartney
Canada Train Radio 1 is from field recordings gathered on a train trip from Toronto to Vancouver, in March 2003, carrying a radio, listening for weather, finding how train and radio move together.
II. Canada Trainradio 2018 - waiting games and widespread smoke by Andra McCartney
Canada Trainradio 2018 - waiting games and widespread smoke is from recordings of train and radio gathered on a return trip from Toronto to Vancouver, in August 2018.

The timing of the trip was affected by freight delays and coincided with the longest weather advisory in BC history: widespread smoke. The work was buoyed by several conversations. In particular, a conversation with Prof. Dylan Robinson (Queen's University Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Arts) about the "sub-frequency of colonial labour" (a quote from the Soundings curatorial score by Robinson), was an important influence on my approach. Thanks to Jan Desrosiers, Glenn Macdonald, Tapanga Koe, Yassin Al Salman, Dorothy Caldwell, Jess Graham, Laura Murray and the Queen's Fireside Conversation series audience for their conversations about work in progress.
Andra McCartney is a sound artist and writer (UK/Canada), interested in everyday sound, traffic, ambiences, and experiences. Recent work includes Bella voyage Rimouski to Blanc Sablon (Andrasound on soundcloud, 2017); Listening in the Bernheim Forest (Louisville KY Nov 2017, Musicworks 2018); Ah! Listening in Warkworth (Arts and Heritage centre of Warkworth ON, spring 2018).