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Venue Info

The NAISA North Media Arts Centre has an Exhibition/Performance space available for rental at 106 Ottawa Ave in South River, Ontario, Canada.

It is a 289 square foot space (17 x 17 feet) that is suitable for sound and media art installations as well as small performances, screenings, meetings and dinner/cabaret style events. The space has flexible seating for approximately 50 people (depending on staging elements). The space opens up to two adjacent spaces. One is the cafe area with tables for 20 people and another small one has an upright piano with table seating for 8 people.

The ceiling height is 110.5 inches. The space has natural light from windows plus gallery style lighting. It has wood flooring and wood wainscoting panels on the walls that come to a height of 44 inches. The remainder of the walls and ceilings are resilient channel drywall with a few acoustic panels.

Rentals can be supported with video projection, multi-channel audio, audio recording and cafe service. Liquor service requires a permit. The space is available to rent by the hour, day, week, or 2-week exhibition period. Preferred pricing is available for rentals of one week or more in duration.

Click here to download a floorplan

Considerations for use of the space:

• All renters are welcome. Preference will be given to rentals that promote and support sound and media artworks.

• Renters are responsible for restoring space to its original state at end of rental period.

• Free Parking is available on site and on Ottawa Avenue.

• The renter is solely responsible for the security of their artwork or other valuable items.

Click here for venue rental application